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Are you looking for high-performance butterfly valve manufacturers? Well, this article is the answer to all your prayers. Here we have listed the best high-performance butterfly valves, manufacturers. 

Butterfly valves are used whenever there is a lack of space. Butterfly valves, unlike gate valves, can be used for throttling or regulating flow, including being fully open or closed. Compared to a gate valve, the pressure drop through a butterfly valve is minimal. 

There are specific characteristics that make high-performance butterfly valves manufacturers excel in their field.

There is often a competition between butterfly valves and ball valves. Butterfly valves do have some advantages over ball valves. The disc of a butterfly valve is lighter in comparison to ball valves. Butterfly valves also need less structural support. 

These butterfly valves are highly precise making them advantageous for industrial applications. Butterfly valves are highly reliable and don’t need much maintenance. 

Criteria for best high-performance butterfly valves manufacturers 

There are specific characteristics that make high-performance butterfly valves manufacturers excel in their field. These companies, some of which are also known to manufacture swing check valves, must exhibit the qualities:

  • Use of superior quality material
  • Shipment worldwide
  • Years of experience 
  • Provide certified products 
  • Match the standards of the industry 

 List of best high-performance butterfly valves manufacturers

Listed below are some of the world’s best high-performance butterfly valve manufacturers. A few of them are also known producers of wafer butterfly valves.

  1. Anvil International 
  2. Outshine Valve   
  3. Xhval
  4. Crane Co 
  5. POV Valve Company 
  6. Huamei

1. Anvil International  

Headquarters in: Portsmouth, NH

Year of foundation: 1800

Worldwide employees: 1800

Certification: ISO 9001:2015

Anvil International

Source: Anvil International

Anvil International Inc. supplies pipe fittings, pipe hangers, and supports to customers in the energy, petrochemical, pulp and paper, maritime, fire protection, electrical, water, and sewage treatment industries. 

Butterfly valves are stainless steel, carbon steel, and ductile iron for commercial and fire sprinkler applications. High performance, resilient seated, grooved end, gear operated, low profile, groove end, and concentric butterfly are among the several varieties. 

Elastomer linings, ductile iron housings, stainless steel nuts and bolts, nitrile O-rings, electrolytic colouring springs, self-locking zinc plated handles, epoxy coated bodies, and hexagon nuts are just a few of the highlights.

Smith-Cooper International and Anvil International amalgamated in 2019. Consequently, a complementary pair of industry leaders are now working together to deliver precision-engineered pipes, fittings, valves, and supports, as well as related services.

2. Outshine valve 

Located in: Tianjin, China

Founded in: 1997

Certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and CE Quality-Assurance System Certificate for butterfly valves.   

Outshine Valve

Source: Outshine Valve

Alt Text: Outshine Valve

Their speciality lies in the design, manufacture, and distribution of butterfly valves for various applications both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the company has its plant and also specialised production and testing facilities.

 Flanged butterfly valves, Centreline butterfly valves, Worm gear butterfly valves, Wafer butterfly valves, Wafer check valves, Gate valves, and Y filters are one of the products offered by Outshine valve. The company has over 50 different product series and over 1,200 specification types.

3. Xhval 

Located in: Wenzhou City, China

Founded in: 1986

Other Products: Trunnion and floating valves, Double eccentric, triple eccentric as well as metal seal butterfly valves. 

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Source: Xhval

Their primary objective is to provide excellent service by selling economical and creative valves to industries including oil and gas, chemical, and energy. They have developed industrial valves that were suited for any piping system through continuous innovation.

Furthermore, XHVAL offers customisation of the world’s economic valves to meet the needs of any industry. They do provide constant supervision and quality control for their products in order to compete with global standards for industrial valves.

Pressure, GOST, and tilting plate, Bellows sealed globe valves, slab gate valves, Pressure, dual plate wafer, and non-slam control valve are among their offerings. GB, GOST, BS, DIN, API, and ANSI standards are all obeyed by XHVAL’s high-performance gate valves and other valve types.

4. Crane Co 

Headquartered in: Stanford, CT 

Founded in: 1855

Worldwide Employees: 12,000


Source: Crane 

Crane Co. was established in Chicago to manufacture industrial valves and fittings. Crane Corporation is now a global provider with four primary business segments: fluid handling, aircraft and electronics, payment and retail technology, and engineered materials. 

Their firms are distinguished for their exclusive and innovative technology, quality and dependability, deep vertical experience, and responsiveness to customer needs. They are working in a range of industries, including aerospace and defense, bill validation and counterfeit detection, and oil and gas, as well as chemical, medical, and transportation.

5. POV Valve Company 

Years of experience: 15 years

Patents: 12 

Certification: ISO certified products 

POV Valve Company

Source: POV Valve Company

POV Valve Company is a soft seal butterfly valve maker in China. POV offers a wide choice of modern technology for manufacturing butterfly valves, as well as a comprehensive quality control procedure for the process. In addition, the organisation serves over 80 countries and regions, earning them a reputation for dependability. 

The manufacture and perfection of POV’s butterfly valves is their main focus. Wafer butterfly valves, Flanged butterfly valves, Lug butterfly valves, Lined butterfly valves, Electric Butterfly valves, high-performance butterfly valves, and Pneumatic butterfly valves are among the company and its products. 

POV has an in-house high-precision processing lathe as well as a comprehensive CNC milling centre for manufacturing butterfly valve discs, valve shafts, and valve bodies. They also have hardness testing, spectrometer, torque testing, pressure tester, thickness gauge, and rubber vulcaniser testing equipment.

6. Huamei 

Located in: Shenzhen, China 

Founded in: 1987 

Number of employees: 1,97,000


Source: Huamei

Huamei Machineries could be worth checking into if you’re seeking an untapped elevated butterfly valve manufacturer in 2020. This company is a high-performance butterfly valve manufacturer based in China with a solid and well-developed product line.

Butterfly valves by Huamei are available in a variety of materials and applications. The company has already been steadily rising in recent years, delivering high product performance and outstanding customer service all around the world. 

Furthermore, they offer butterfly valves at a cheaper cost than the market average. The prices may surprise you before because they are “very inexpensive,” as one client put it, but the quality is unaffected.

Butterfly valves from Huamei feature superior sealing technologies. They have a full R&D and QC team to ensure that each valve is produced to specifications and meets or exceeds global standards.


There are a number of butterfly valve manufacturers out there. However, choosing the correct high performance butterfly valve which meets your needs is highly necessary. In writing, we have mentioned the best high performing butterfly valve, gate valve, as well as ball valve manufacturers out there. If you would like to know more, you can contact us at Dombor.