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Industrial Valves

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Industrial valves are basically mechanical devices that control and restrict the flow of gases and liquids in different firms. In general, there are many types of valves used in the workplace. Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, and Check Valves are just a few of them.

Industrial valves are broken down into different types based on their power, structure, condition, and function, and you are required to choose the right tool for the job at hand. All valves have the same purpose and function, but a thin line separates them, making them different from each other.

In 2017, the market for industrial valves was worth $67.49 billion. By 2023, it is expected to be worth $85.99 billion, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.96 percent during that time.

With the increasing global demand for energy, the demand for the equipment used in the oil and gas industry is likewise increasing on a consistent basis. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most reputable industrial valve manufacturer in Europe.

What Are Industrial Valves?

Industrial valves, including the concentric butterfly valves, are likely to be the regular feature of piping solutions. Open, close, or partially block the passageway with mechanical devices so that gas or liquid can flow through a system as it needs to.

Industrial Valves Buying Guide:

There are honestly a lot of specialities to think about when you choose a valve, be it industrial or check valves. It will help you choose the suitable valve from all of the other types.

  • Valves are made with pressure in mind, but when there is a lot of pressure coming through, the valve could break and leak water. So, knowing how much pressure a valve can handle helps you choose the valve that can meet the company’s needs.
  • Knowing how hot a valve can get helps you choose the right one for a company’s needs.
  • The valve controls the flow rate of the fluid in the pipe. Knowing the flow rate of the valve helps you to buy the correct valve for the job at hand.
  • There will be quite a lot of movement in the flow rate because the valve is too big. Determine the size of the valve so that you can buy the right one.

List of leading high-performance butterfly valves manufacturers in Europe

Listed below are some of Europe’s best high-performance valve manufacturers. All of them specialize in industrial valves, including gate valves and check valves.

  1. Leser GmbH & Co. KG
  2. Dombor
  3. AKO Armaturen & Separations Technik GmbH
  4. Sirca International Spa
  5. Böhmer GmbH
  6. KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH

1. Leser GmbH & Co. KG

Located in: Hamburg

Founded in: 16 March 1818

Certificates: DNVGL-CP-0186


Source: Leser

LESER offers pilot-operated and spring-loaded safety valves, dual plate check valves, for all industrial applications. Some of the world’s largest firms employ LESER safety valves in their operations.

LESER safety valves are designed in Hamburg for the global market and manufactured in Hohenwestedt, Germany. LESER also manufactures safety valves to the same specifications in India and China. The company’s eight companies throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia, as they authorized connections in over 80 countries, ensure competent customer service.

2. Dombor:

Located in: No.96 Fanhua East Road, Oubei, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Founded in: 2001

Certificates: EACC 9001 / 14001 / 18001

DomBor Valves Logo

Source: Dombor

Dombor is a trusted valve maker. They have a reliable supply network and the newest production and equipment assembly. Here are some reasons to partner with Dombor.

Dombor manufactures a wide range of industrial valves, including high performance butterfly valve, ball, check, plug, gate, globe, and actuated valves.

Dombor’s industrial valves are created in order to meet the company’s exact specifications. Dombor’s products are ISO, API, MSS, and ASME certified.

Dombor’s products and services meet worldwide standards and specifications to ensure the greatest quality for the company’s customers.

Dombor, as a business partner, ensures that they meet their clients’ deadlines because Dombor realizes how important timelines are.

Dombor’s service does not end with product delivery. As part of the company’s quality service, Dombor gives warranties and customer service. 

3. AKO Armaturen & Separations Technik GmbH

 Located in: France

Founded in: 1984

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015


Source: AKO

AKO is known as one of the market leaders in Europe for industrial pinch valves for a wide range of applications.

Antoine Kopp founded AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH in 1984. AKO UK Ltd was founded in 1998 to better distribute AKO products in the UK and Ireland. Both companies are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Along with the classic Pinch Valves, AKO offers knife gate valves, accessories and unique fittings. Specially designed for isolating and regulating fibrous, abrasive, and corrosive media by AKO.

4. Sirca International Spa

  • Located in: Trezzano Rosa, Lombardy
  • Founded in: 1975
  • Certificates: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Source: Sirca

Sirca spinning pneumatic quarter-turn actuators are tiny, light, and reliable. After then, they joined the Italian market with double eccentric butterfly valves, metal-seated butterfly valves, ball valves, and check valves, among others.

Sirca International eventually began marketing and developing valve actuation accessories. Assemblies consisting of multiple components, such as valves and actuators, are available to the company’s customers.

5. Böhmer GmbH

 Located in: Kazakhstan and China

Founded in: 1956

Certificates: ANSI Class 2500


Source: Böhmer

Utmost security and trust is what Böhmer expects. Böhmer has been producing high-quality split body ball valves in Sprockhövel for 60 years and Hattingen since 1999.

Initially, a mining safety cutoff valve was proposed. Company’s success led us to add oil, gas, and district heating to the company’s product line.

Ball valves from DN 3 to DN 1400 (1/8″ to 56″) are now available from Böhmer in practically every size and pressure range (Class 2500).

6. KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH

  • Located in: Gumpoldskirchen, Austria
  • Founded in: 1997
  • Certificates:ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Source: Böhmer

KLINGER Fluid Control has been producing industrial valves in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria, for over 130 years.

KLINGER is one of the world’s major valve manufacturers like plug valves or gate valves, and suppliers. They have production, distribution, and service centers in over 40 countries. They are confident in the company’s Group’s ability to adapt to both old and emerging markets. KLINGER stands for technical excellence, innovation, and quality.

Summing Up

If modern industrial valve or ball valve manufacturers like Dombor, and others keep growing, they are under a lot of pressure to keep manufacturing different kinds of valves that meet the excellent standards of quality and consumer satisfaction. Because of the available competition in the market, it has become more difficult to choose the right valve manufacturer for your company’s needs because there are so many to choose from. At Dombor we have many more options for industrial valves. So if you need one, you can contact us.