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Valves are an essential part of any industrial or commercial pipeline. Single block and bleed valves provide unique flexibility and benefits compared to other types of valves. These valves allow for the isolation of a single section of pipe while they are being maintained, without interrupting the normal flow in the rest of the system. In this article, consumers will explore how single block valve and bleed valves work and discuss the advantages of using them.

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What is Single Block and Bleed Valve

A single block and bleed valve is an important piece of equipment used in a wide variety of industrial processes. It is a type of valve that combines the functions of a block valve and a bleed valve into a single unit. 

It is typically used in applications where it is necessary to isolate a section of a pipeline or system to perform maintenance or repairs, while also providing a means of releasing any trapped pressure or fluid downstream of the valve. That is why there are some valve manufacturer across the world producing this kind of ball valve.

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The block valve portion of the SBB valve is used to stop the flow of fluid or gas through the pipeline or system. The bleed valve portion of the valve is used to release any pressure or fluid that may be trapped downstream of the block valve. This allows for the safe and efficient maintenance or repair of the system.

SBB valves are commonly used in industries such as chemical processing, and power generation. They are available in various sizes, materials, and configurations to suit different applications and environments.

How do Single Block and Bleed Valve Work?

Unlike the double block and bleed ball valve, the single block and bleed valve consists of only two components: the block valve and the bleed valve. The block valve is usually a standard ball, gate, or globe valve, used for isolation purposes. The bleed valve is typically a needle or globe type that is installed downstream of the block valve.

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One of the purposes of some industrial valve company in producing the SBB valve is to isolate the system from downstream components. This allows for maintenance, repairs, or replacement of any components without stopping the flow of the process. The bleed valve then acts as an outlet for any trapped fluids, gasses, or contaminants, so that the ambient pressure from outside the system is equalized on both sides of the block valve.

Once these two valves have been installed correctly and closed, they form an effective single block and bleed system, providing positive protection against any potential risks associated with unexpected pressure release or backflow. This kind of two-valve setup is especially important in applications involving hazardous materials or high-pressure systems, where it must be ensured that no contamination can escape into the environment.

Features of SBB Valves

SBB valves are the most commonly used process control valves in industrial processes.Most of the industrial valve supplier all over the world designed this type of valves to provide reliable and accurate control of flow, pressure, and temperature. 

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High Flow Capacity

SBB valve has a high Cv value (the coefficient of velocity), which means they can handle larger flows than other types of valves. This makes them particularly suitable for applications where high flow rate is required.

Compact Design

The compact design of SBB valves makes them ideal for tight spaces or areas with limited space. They can also be used on smaller lines, making them suitable for an enormous scope of applications.

Leaking Resistance

SBB valves feature a patented seal structure that prevents any leaking from occurring within the valve body. This helps maintain accuracy and consistency during operation.

Long Service Life

The robust construction and durable materials used to manufacture SBB valve gives them a longer service life compared to other types of valves. This allows them to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial processes and reduces maintenance costs over time.


The cost-effective design of SBB valves makes them an attractive choice for many industrial applications. They provide reliable performance without sacrificing quality or reliability, making them a great value for the money. 

Applications of SBB Ball Valves

The SBB ball valve is typically used for controlling the flow of various liquids, such as water, oil, gas, and steam. In addition, it can also be used in situations where specific pressures need to be maintained, such as in gas pipelines, plumbing systems, and oil refineries.

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Automotive Fuel Systems

SBB ball valves are used in automotive fuel systems to control the flow of fuel between the fuel tank, fuel lines, and engine. They are used to isolate different sections of the fuel system during maintenance or repairs and to prevent fuel leaks or spills.

Refining and Petrochemical Processes

SBB ball valves are used in refining and petrochemical processes to control the flow of various fluids, gasses, and chemicals in the production, storage, and transportation of petrochemical products. They are also used to ensure the safety of workers and equipment.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

The ball valves are used in oil and gas pipelines to control the flow of crude oil, natural gas, and other fluids, and to isolate different sections of the pipeline during maintenance. They are also used to prevent leaks, spills, and other hazards in the transportation of oil and gas.

Chemical Manufacturing Facilities

The valves are used in chemical manufacturing facilities to control the flow of various chemicals in the production, storage, and transportation of chemical products. They are used to separate different sections of the process, and to prevent leaks, spillage, and other potential risks.

Power Generation Plants

Single block and bleed ball valve is used in power generation plants to control the flow of water, steam, and other fluids in the production of electricity. They are used to block various passages of the plant during repairs.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

SBB ball valves are used in wastewater treatment systems to control the flow of wastewater in the treatment and disposal of sewage and other wastewater. They are used to distinguish distinctive sections of the system during cleanings.

Compressed Air Piping

SBB ball valves are used in compressed air piping systems to control the flow of compressed air in the operation of pneumatic tools and equipment. They are used to ensure the safe and efficient operation of pneumatic systems.


Single block and bleed valves provide important benefits for many industrial processes. They allow for the isolation of a section of pipe or system without interrupting the flow of the process. By combining two separate functions – blocking and bleeding – into one component, the SBB valve provides reliability, safety and cost-efficiency for a variety of applications.

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