Selecting the Best: A List of Top Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers

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In the world of ball valves, trunnion ball valves are a big deal. Why? Well, they’re super important for controlling the flow under high pressure. These valves, with their solid anchor, handle the pressure like a champ. That’s why top-notch trunnion ball valve manufacturers are also often the top players in the ball valve industry. Now, when folks in the biz are looking for B2B partnerships, they’re not just looking for any old supplier. They want a rep for quality and years of experience. They’re after a variety of materials like carbon steel that can stand up to corrosion and wear. They need a bunch of options that meet all those tough industry standards like ANSI, API, and ISO. And let’s not forget, safety is key, so things like seat leakage and tight shutoff are major must-haves. Did you know that the right valve can seriously up your game? We’re talking about less friction, less leakage, and that means better valve performance. With the right manufacturer, you can get valves that come with all the bells and whistles—electrical continuity, a wide range of end connections, and even fancy actuators in different configurations. Plus, with seals that meet ASME standards and options for bleed and sealant injection, you’re looking at top-line pressure management. So, ready to dive into the list of the crème de la crème in trunnion ball valve manufacturing? These are the folks who’ve got the whole package—expertise, variety, and commitment to quality. Let’s check them out!

DomBor Valves Logo

DomBor: Your Go-To for Strong Trunnion Ball Valves

Need to manage flow in places with lots of pressure? Look no further than DomBor’s trunnion ball valves. Since starting in 2001, DomBor has been nailing it with custom-made valves that work wonders in different industrial settings. They’re not just making valves; they’re experts at making valves that handle tough jobs like a champ.

What makes DomBor stand out? For starters, their valves are made with the latest tech and top-notch production gear. They have a huge 20,000㎡ place for making valves with five lines that can make 8,000 tons of valves a year. That’s tons of valves! And with them making over $32 million a year, they must be doing something great.

But it’s about more than just big numbers. DomBor valves have got what businesses need: they have double block and bleed setups, stems that won’t blow out, and anti-static features. You can choose from full or reduced-size options, and their emergency seal injection is first-class. Designed to be safe even with fire around and available in various styles, these valves can handle it all.
Now for the key points. DomBor valves offer a mix of soft and hard sealing materials, perfect for many types of jobs. They’re easy to turn and come with built-in locks for lever-operated ones. Plus, for safety, all valves can balance pressure by themselves.

Looking for a solid valve partner? DomBor is your place. They’ve got you covered from making custom valves to handling big orders, quick shipping, and skilled help after you buy. Their tough quality checks meet international standards like API 608, API 6D, ASME B16.34, and BS5351, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth every time.

DomBor Valve Contact Card:

  • Founded: 2001
  • What They Do: Make Top-notch Trunnion Ball Valves
  • How Big: 20,000㎡ space, 8,000 tons of valves each year
  • Quality Checks: API, ANSI, ASME, NACE standards
  • What’s Offered: Everything valve-related, from custom orders to global shipping and help after buying

Choosing DomBor means more than just getting a valve; it’s about teaming up with a group that puts quality, top performance, and happy customers first.

SVR Global

SVR Global: Top Choice for Trunnion Ball Valves

If you need to control flow under high pressure, SVR Global is your answer. They have teams in the USA, Germany, and India, and they don’t just make valves – they build trust with super reliable ones. From the get-go, they’ve been all about making things perfect, solid, and long-lasting, especially with their trunnion ball valves.

Here’s the scoop: SVR Global’s trunnion ball valves are top-notch. Built to take on high pressure without a problem, their sturdy build and smart design are impressive. Whether you pick their forged or cast trunnion ball valves, each is proof of SVR’s dedication to doing things right. They’ve got it all: solid die-forged parts for handling pressure, valves that connect well, and gaskets on the stem that ensure things stay sealed and emissions stay low.

What’s special about SVR Global’s valves? They seal perfectly whether the pressure is high or low, and they don’t need much effort to work, which can save you money. With sizes from 2 inches to 48 inches and options like a handwheel, gears, or electric control, they’re ready to fit into any setup.Picking SVR Global means choosing a trunnion ball valve that’s more than a part; it’s a key piece for your work. They don’t just sell; they’re in it with you for the long term, making sure each valve they send out is up for the toughest jobs.

SVR Global Contact Card:

  • Global Presence: Made in the USA, Germany, and India; with offices in Canada, Oman, Italy
  • Products: Trunnion Ball Valves and more
  • Materials & Ratings: From cast steel to Titanium and Stainless steel; Classes 150-2500
  • Sizes Available: From 2” to 48”
  • How They Work: You can use a handwheel, gears, or electric power

With SVR Global, you get more than just a valve; you get a partner who’s as committed to your industrial success as you are.


Dependable Trunnion Ball Valves from SSP

SSP is like the superhero of the valve world, tucked away in Twinsburg, Ohio. They make these super strong TB Series trunnion ball valves that can take a lot of pressure – we’re talking up to 10,000 psig! And no matter if it’s super cold at -40°F or crazy hot at 450°F, these valves just keep on working.

What’s really cool about these valves is the bottom-loaded trunnion ball. It’s a smart part that makes sure the ball doesn’t pop out and lines up just right every time, which is super important for keeping things safe and running smoothly. They’re also really easy to use, even when things get hectic, because they don’t need a lot of muscle to move them. And they come with all kinds of connections, making them like the all-in-one tool for any job.

When you go with SSP, you’re getting more than just a valve. You’re getting peace of mind, knowing that they’ve got your back with valves that are going to last and a team that’s there for you when you need them. SSP isn’t just about keeping things moving; they’re about making sure you’re all set for the long run.

SSP Contact Card:

  • Home base: Twinsburg, Ohio, USA
  • Star Product: TB Series Trunnion Ball Valves
  • Handles Pressure: Up to 10,000 psig
  • Temp. Toughness: -40 to 450°F
  • Cool Bits: Springy seats, blowout-proof ball, mix-and-match connections

Choosing SSP means every twist and turn in your setup is moving you towards a future that’s safer and more dialed-in.

Warren Valve

Warren Valve: A Legacy of Trunnion Ball Valve Excellence

Warren Valve has been a key player in the flow control market for over 30 years, carving out a name for itself in North America. This company isn’t just about selling valves; they’re about creating solutions that stand the test of time and pressure. Their trunnion ball valves are a shining example of their dedication to quality and functionality.

At the heart of Warren Valve’s product line is the trunnion mounted ball valve. Available from 2” to 48” and designed to withstand pressures from ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#, these valves are crafted for resilience and reliability. They come in various material grades like A105N and A182-F316 SS, ensuring that whatever your industry’s needs, Warren Valve has got you covered. The full and reduced bore sizes, along with a selection of trim materials, make these valves adaptable and efficient.

What sets Warren Valve apart is their attention to detail. Their trunnion ball valves feature double block and bleed capabilities, emergency sealant injection fittings, and are designed to be fire-safe in accordance with API 607. They’re also NACE compliant, ticking all the boxes for quality assurance. These valves are not just built; they’re engineered to provide a secure and leak-proof experience, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and safely.

Choosing Warren Valve means opting for a product that brings peace of mind. Their commitment to exceeding industry standards is evident in every valve they produce, ensuring that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.
Warren Valve Contact Card:

  • Specialty: Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
  • Size Range: 2” to 48”
  • Pressure Class: ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#
  • Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, and more
  • Features: Double Block and Bleed, Fire Safe, NACE Compliant

Warren Valve is your go-to for trunnion ball valves that are built to last, delivering not just a product, but a promise of quality, safety, and reliability.

Bray International

Bray International: Trunnion Ball Valves for Optimal Flow Control

For over 30 years, Bray International has really made its mark in the world of flow control. They’re all over the place, with teams in over 40 countries! Bray’s big on making top-quality trunnion ball valves – that’s their bread and butter. They want to be the valve folks everyone thinks of first, and they’re on the right track, thanks to their hardworking team and the customers who stick by them.

Let’s talk about their Series 1B trunnion ball valves. These bad boys can go from 2 to 24 inches big and can handle some extreme heat and cold, from -50 to 600°F. No matter where you need to fit them, they’re ready to rock. Bray’s valves are super tough, built for different pressures, so you know they can take the heat – literally.

The cool stuff about these valves? If things get too wild, they’ve got emergency fixes for the stem and seat. They also have special ports that let you drain and vent for extra safety, and they’re made to handle fire situations like champs. The inside part of the valve keeps the ball just where it needs to be, which means less wear and tear and a longer life.

Picking Bray International’s trunnion ball valves is a smart move. You’re getting safety, solid performance, and a valve that’s ready to adapt to what you need. Bray’s all about giving you control and keeping you safe while doing it.

Bray International Contact Card:

  • What they make: Trunnion Ball Valves, Series 1B
  • Sizes: From 2 to 24 inches
  • Heat Game: -50 to 600°F
  • Pressure Levels: ASME CL150, 300, 600
  • Why they’re cool: Quick fixes for surprises, safety ports, fire-ready, keeps the ball in check

With Bray International, you’re not just controlling the flow; you’re setting yourself up for a safe and spot-on operation with their top-tier trunnion ball valves.

Wrapping it Up

In the world of work, trunnion ball valves are key. They control flow when there’s lots of pressure and make sure everything’s safe. They have to be strong because they’re used a lot in tough jobs where you can’t mess up. Top makers like DomBor, Warren Valve, and Bray are the big names here. They make valves that can deal with up to 10,000 psig and temperatures from super cold to really hot, like -50 to 600°F. Picking the right maker matters a lot. It’s not just about the valve, but also the service and trust you get with it. If a valve works well, it keeps things safe. If not, it could be dangerous. That’s why you want to team up with a maker known for tough and reliable products. This way, you make sure every piece in your system helps keep things running smooth and safe.