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Bellow seal valves are one of the most vital valves required. These valves are essential to safeguard piping systems that can have potential leakage problems. Bellow valves can be gate or globe-based valves. They have metal bellows that act as a seal against leakage. An even more essential part is that it can protect the environment and workers, where the piping systems have been installed.

Therefore, in all the sites where piping systems are installed, bellow seal valves are crucial. Therefore, this blog will help you in finding the best bellow valve manufacturer.

List of Bellow Seal Valves Manufacturers in India

Here is a quick review of the top 5 bellow seal valve manufacturers in India. They will be discussed in detail in the following sections:

1. Ridhiman Alloys
2. GM Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
3. D Chel Oil and Gas Products OPC Pvt. Ltd.
4. Aqua Engineering 
5. Novel Valves India Pvt. Ltd.

Top 5 Bellow Seal Valves Manufacturers in India

1. Ridhiman Alloys

Logo of Ridhiman Alloys
Source: Ridhiman Alloys

Type of Business: Manufacturer of Valves

Products offered:  Bellow Sealed Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and more.

Ridhiman Alloys has been a supplier for various types of valves. They can deal with various grades like stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel products. They prioritize quality manufacturing and service. Ridhiman Alloys can offer customized packaging, cost-effectivity, easy payment methods, and more.

Products and services offered:

 2. GM Engineering

Logo of GM Engineering
Source: GM Engineering

Type of Business: Valve Manufacturer

Products offered: Ball Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, and more

GM Engineering has been supplying valve products for water flow control, steam, oil, air, and more. They rely on vast knowledge, technology, and quality to deliver the best products to their clients. They also make sure to provide solutions for their clients’ requirements.

Products offered:

  • Gate Valve
  • Forged Steel Valve
  • Bellow Seal Valve
  • Plug Valve, and more

3. D Chel Oil and Gas Products OPC Pvt. Ltd.

Logo of D Chel Oil and Gas Products OPC Pvt. Ltd.
Source:  D Chel Oil and Gas Products OPC Pvt. Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturing of valves

Products offered: Butterfly Valve, Choke Valve, Bellow Seal Valve, and more.

D Chel can offer Bellow Sealed Valves in various sizes, dimensions, and forms. Additionally, if any customizations are needed, D Chel can provide them. They also prioritize quality. Their valves go through several tests to ensure the quality of their products is good.

Products and services offered:

  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Bellow Seal Valves, and more

4. Aqua Engineering

Logo of Aqua Engineering
Source: Aqua Engineering

Type of Business: Manufacturer of valves and glasses.

Location (Headquarters): Ahmedabad, India

Year Founded: 2005

Products offered: Bellow Seal Valves, Seal Globe Valves, and more

Aqua Engineering has been in the valves manufacturing industry for more than a decade. They prioritize high-quality manufacturing. Their products are usually used in chemical, irrigation, pharmaceutical, and more industries.

Products and services offered:

  • Bellow Seal Valves
  • Bellow Seal Gate Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Y Strainer valves

5. Novel Valves India Pvt. Ltd.

Logo of Novel Valves India Pvt. Ltd.
Source: Novel Valves India Pvt. Ltd.

Type of Business: Valves Manufacturer

Novel Valves has experience of more than two decades. It has been a manufacturer of industrial valves to many clients.  Their team has rich experience in design and production. They prioritize cost-effectivity, advanced technology, and more.

Products and services offered:

A Chinese Bellow Seal Valve Manufacturer that can be the solution for all your concerns: Dombor

Logo of Dombor
Source: Dombor

Located in Zhejiang, China, Dombor is a manufacturer of valves that delivers excellence through the means of its products and services. They take pride in their high quality. Furthermore, customization will never be an issue with Dombor. They can provide you with the best customization.

Dombor can deliver a diverse range of industrial valves that can stand the test of severe conditions. 

They are devoted to their research and development, demonstrating their strong will to create solutions for various concerns. They have also established a one-stop service, which ensures rapid delivery and excellent sales service. Dombor believes in establishing a trustworthy and valuable relationship with its clients through its products and services.

Their products and services offered:

  • Bellow Seal Valves
  • Actuated Valves
  • Chemical processing
  • Plug Valves, and more.

What Criteria Can You Choose When Selecting Your Potential Bellow Seal Valve Manufacturing Company?

Image of valves
Source: Unsplash

There are certain parameters that you can consider when looking for the best bellow seal valve manufacturer in India. They are:

Understanding of the Diameters

A crisp understanding of the diameter range that you are dealing with, is essential. Precise information about the inner and outer diameters should be required to get the best of bellow seal valve fitting as per the required needs. Fitting is after all an important benchmark to check.

Pressure Range and Thickness of Wall

The greater the pressure you are dealing with, the more thickness you will require in the case of the wall. In that case, it will have the capacity to be able to handle more pressure and strokes. Therefore, it becomes crucial to mark this criterion with the search for bellow seal valves manufacturer.

The Experience and Reputation of the Manufacturer

Suppliers can best provide quality products and services when they hold a certain experience and reputation. The same is the case with bellow seal valve suppliers

As a buyer, the benchmark to check the experience and reputation becomes an important factor. It can develop your trust in the investment you are making.

Quality of Materials

Quality is one of the most essential factors to consider. Products that lack in quality may be more affordable, but they also carry the risk of quality compromise. Therefore, the quality of materials present with the bellow seal valve manufacturers India is important.


Bellow seal valves are one of the most important units in the piping systems. Therefore, we hope that this blog has helped you narrow down the best bellow seal valve manufacturer. 

Following the recommendations, it is also important to consider certain benchmarks such as the quality of material, the experience, and reputation of the manufacturer, understanding of diameters, and the pressure range and thickness of the wall. However, if your search is not limited to India, make sure to contact Dombor, for the best of bellow seal valves.