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Source: Dombor 

Trunnion-mounted ball valves are 90-degree turn valves employed to cease medium flow. The flow is started or stopped by rotating a spherical disc in the center of the valves. Ball valves are widely employed in industrial applications where tight shut-off is necessary because of their tremendous versatility.

When a minimal working torque is needed in high-pressure, large-scale applications, trunnion-mounted ball valves are utilized. Trunnion-mounted ball valves are pretty versatile and are employed in a wide range of industries, including the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, LNG, and hydrocarbon sectors. They are incredibly versatile. If you are interested to learn about the best trunnion ball valve supplier, make sure to visit Dombor Valve

List Of The Best Worldwide Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers 

Take a look at 5 of the top trunnion ball valve manufacturers around the world: 

  • Dombor 
  • SCV Valve, LLC 
  • Dembla Valves Ltd 
  • KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe 
  • HIFraser

Top 5 Worldwide Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers

Trunnion ball valve
Source: Dombor 

Due to the presence of numerous trunnion ball valve manufacturers around the world, creating a list of trunnion ball valve suppliers that supply bulk orders for industrial applications has been a bit difficult. After considering the quality control, production capabilities, and other essential features, here is the top trunnion ball valve manufacturer list. 

1 Dombor 

DomBor Valves Logo
Source: Dombor 

Business Type: Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturing, Valve Supplier 

Headquarters: No.96 Fanhua East Road, Oubei, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China 

Main Markets: China and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 21+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO certificates and meets ANSI, API, JIS, GOST, BS, DIN, and GB standards

Dombor was inaugurated in 2001, with its headquarters in the Zhejiang region of China. It is a leading trunnion ball valve manufacturer in the Chinese market and also exports industrial valves to several other countries. This trunnion mounted ball valve factory uses the latest technology and high-end production equipment to reduce valves quickly. 

The manufactured trunnion ball valves surpass API, ANSI, GB, JIS, BS, DIN, and GOST standards, and they provide the best quality and most reliable valves at an affordable cost. The company follows fixed worldwide standards, and there is a separate quality control team that checks and ensures the quality of the valve during and after the manufacturing process.

They primarily provide various types of valves that are usually served in refining and petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical processing, pipeline transport, power generation, and LNG. Some of the advantages of acquiring valves from the Dombor team are they provide unparalleled services, which include prompt production, quick deliveries, and detailed after-sales support.

Key Products: 

  • Actuated Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Plug Valves

2 SCV Valve, LLC 

SCV Valve LLC Logo
Source: SCV Valve, LLC

Business Type: Speciality Valve Manufacturing, Ball Valve Supplier 

Headquarters: 3510 Avenue L, Santa Fe, TX 77510, United States 

Main Markets: USA and Canada 

Years of Experience: 50+ years of experience 

Certificates: API 6A, API 6D, ISO: 9001, CE-PED, and CRN certifications 

Here is the leading trunnion-mounted ball valve supplier in the USA, which was established in 1972. They are highly known for manufacturing specialty valves and commodity valves and delivering them quickly at affordable prices. This company features different certifications, including ISO: 9001, CRN, API 6A, API 6D, and CE-PED. 

They produce valves following the API Q1 Quality Management System. The valves are manufactured in different sizes and pressure classes with different compositions. This company maintains rigid quality control guidelines to meet the quality expectation of the clients. 

Key Products: 

  • Wedge Gates
  • Globe Valves 
  • Full Port Swing Checks 
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves 
  • Floating Industrial Ball Valve 
  • Lubricated Plugs

3 Dembla Valves Ltd 

Dembla Valves Ltd Logo
Source: Dembla Valves Ltd

Business Type: Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturing, Valve Exporter  

Headquarters: C30, Jai Mata Di Compound, Kalher, Thane – Bhiwandi Agra Road, Thane – 421 302 Maharashtra, India and A/8″, Arham Logiparc, Valsind Village, Mumbai – Nashik Highway (NH3) Bhiwandi, Thane – 421302, Maharashtra, India.

Main Markets: India, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, and some middle-east countries. 

Years of Experience: 37+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2017, ISO 45001-2018, ISO 14001:2015, CE Certificate, ATEX Certificate, API 6D Certificate, API 609 Certificate, and Fire Safe Certificate

Dembla Valves Ltd is an Indian-based valve company that was inaugurated in 1985. This company is known for exporting valves to more than 21 countries across the world. The manufacturer produces the valves in a working area of 1,40,000 Sq. Ft. 

The company has become one of the most reliable valve manufacturers in the design and production of valves. They have a separate R&D center, and the production workshop is equipped with high-end valve manufacturing equipment. 

Key Products: 

  • V-Ball Valve 
  • Fully Welded Valve 
  • Double Offset Butterfly Valve and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
  • Non Slam Spring Check Valve and Axial Nozzle Check Valve 
  • Angle Control Globe Valve and Parabolic Globe Valves

4 KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe 

KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe Logo
Source: KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe

Business Type: Trunnion Ball Valve Dealer, Valve Supplier 

Headquarters: Groß-Gerau, Germany, District Court of Darmstadt HRB 86676 

Main Markets: Germany and other EU countries 

Years of Experience: 16+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO 9001, API-6A, API-6D, API607, CE PED, ATEX, HP0, TRB, TRD, and ETC certificates

In 2008, KVE GmbH kihsco Valves Europe came into existence, which is a Germany-based organization. It is a sole company that deals with the supply of industrial valves for various sectors, such as valves for oil and gas sectors, power plants, petrochemical sectors, and chemical plants. 

The company uses different types of high-quality materials to manufacture valves in different pressure classes. Their valves are precisely processed and go through several quality and inspection tests. This valve manufacturer has a skilled team and precise equipment to ensure prompt valve production. 

Key Products:  

  • Ball Valves, Non-return Valves 
  • Spare Parts 
  • Valve Fittings 
  • Mudflap 
  • Other Valve Accessories

5 HIFraser 

HIFraser Logo
Source: HIFraser

Business Type: Ball Valve Manufacturing, Valve Supplier 

Headquarters: 6/5 Vuko Place, Warriewood NSW 2102 PO Box 885 Mona Vale NSW 1660 and 13 Bowen Street O’Connor WA 6163 

Main Markets: Australia and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 57+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO certificates 

Here is another best trunnion ball valve manufacturer that is based in Australia and was established in 1965. This company is one of the leading trunnion mounted ball valve suppliers and has professionals who are highly skilled in integrated system solutions. 

They also offer custom manufacturing, making it easy for bulk buyers to get the desired valves as per the ideal applications. The company has special expertise when it comes to manufacturing products related to hyperbaric and naval platform engineering. 

Key Products:  

  • Ball Valves 
  • High-Pressure Agency Valves 
  • Pneumatic Control Valves And Hydraulic Control Packages 
  • Valve Shutdown Systems 
  • Custom Valve Fittings 

Bottom Line 

We have listed some of the best trunnion ball valve manufacturers that are known for producing the best quality and highly durable trunnion ball valves. All the trunnion ball valve suppliers we have included exceeded our quality, reliability, and valve safety standards. You can find out more about the best trunnion mounted ball valve china manufacturer by contacting us. For any commercial or industrial requirement of bulk trunnion ball valves, we supply the valves for a reasonable price.