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A butterfly valve is an important valve in the valve industry as it regulates or isolates the flow of a fluid. The butterfly valve has a closing mechanism that rotates like a disk. Belonging to the family of rotational quarter-turn motion valves, they are generally used to cut off fluid flow and thus are implemented in pipelines. 

China is known for its manufacturing capabilities at a minimal production cost. China constantly keeps on improving its manufacturing methods, making them reach an eminent standard in international qualities. When butterfly valve manufacturing is being talked about, China has to be considered as it is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of butterfly valves in the world. 

There are hundreds of butterfly valve manufacturing companies in China. Hence it is difficult to rank them. But, in this piece of work, we have compiled and put forward the reliable china butterfly valve manufacturers to help you choose the best butterfly valve china manufacturer.

Criteria for best butterfly valve manufacturers from China:

The manufacturers that have been listed above have been chosen as they excel in their field. The qualities that they exhibit are:-

  • Match efficiently to the industrial standard
  • Offers with the best value for products in the market
  • Emphasizes environmentally friendly procedures
  • Use superior quality raw material
  • Enable worldwide shipping facilities
  • Impressive customer care services
  • Provides you with products that are manufactured from advanced technology

List of top 5 butterfly valve manufacturers from China:

  1. Dombor
  2. Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery
  3. Neway Valve
  4. Shentong Valve Co., Ltd
  5. WuZhou Valve Co., Ltd
  1. Dombor

Location– Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Main market– China

Years of experience– 20

Certificates- Certified with API- 609 0198, TS271056X, CE0036, EAC CU-TR, EACC 9001/ 14001 / 18001 TUV-SIL3, TUV-API 607/6FA, TUV-ISO 15848-1, API-6D 1952

DomBor Valves Logo

Source: Dombor 

DomBor is one of the esteemed manufacturers of butterfly valves and they are retaining their opposition in the global market because of their superior quality products. Since they implement advanced technology along with their modern production pieces of machinery, they produce a very diverse variety of valves, meeting all the industrial standards. These valves are designed in such a manner that they can endure and work efficiently in severe industrial conditions. The most eminent quality of DomBor is that they never settle. Though they have achieved major milestones in the global valve market, their engineers are working day and night to find ways in which their valves can be manufactured in a better way. They are popular worldwide for their perfect butterfly valves. 

  1. Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery


Main market– China

Years of experience– 64

Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery

Source: Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery

Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery has come a long way in the field of manufacturing superior quality butterfly valves. They were a leading china butterfly valve manufacturers and have efficiently retained their position for the last five decades. These manufacturers have well-equipped factories which contain about five hundred different types of machines that can produce butterfly valves on a large scale. 

Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery owns technologically advanced machinery like valve welding machines, advanced boring and lathes machines, as well as CNC plasma cutting machines for the manufacturing of butterfly valves. Apart from butterfly valves, Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery is eminent when it comes to the manufacturing of thermal, irrigational, hydroelectric, or nuclear valves.

  1. Neway Valve


Main market– China

Years of experience– 23

Neway Valve

Source: Neway Valve

Neway Valve is one of the biggest butterfly valve manufacturers in China. They have gained specialization in the streamlined manufacturing of butterfly valves. Since they are inclined towards the industrial production of the butterfly valve, they impart their product with such high quality that it can withstand extremely high temperature and high-pressure conditions, which makes them suitable for any kind of industry. 

Neway Valve has one of the best infrastructures in its factories and incorporates the highest level of technology in its manufacturing factories. With the help of this upgraded technology, they can manufacture hundreds of butterfly valves every day. In addition to this, Neway Valve owns the largest CNC machine plant in China. Their promising infrastructure ensures that they will manufacture improved products soon.

  1. Shentong Valve Co., Ltd


Main market– China

Years of experience– 19

Shentong Valve Co. Ltd

Source: Shentong Valve Co., Ltd

Shentong Valve Co., Ltd has attained an important position when it comes to manufacturing valves. They are registered as a significant butterfly valve manufacturer in the AWWA category. They are well known in the field of butterfly valves. They have pioneered in the field of manufacturing natural gas butterfly valves and seawater butterfly valves. Shentong Valve Co., Ltd are active in shipping their products worldwide, and this is because of their excellent quality products. 

One unique feature of these manufacturers is that they do not have the only profit-driven motive but are also concerned about the environment. Since industrialization poses a threat and results in the degradation of the environment, Shentong Valve Co., Ltd has come up with efficient ways to reduce their carbon footprints. They implement eco-friendly techniques in manufacturing their butterfly valves. They emphasize working with energy-efficient fuels, reducing carbon emissions, and diminishing carbon footprints.

  1. WuZhou Valve Co., Ltd


Main market- China, United States of America, Middle East, Europe, Singapore and Africa

Years of experience- 42

WuZhou Valve Co. Ltd

Source: WuZhou Valve Co., Ltd

WuZhou Valve Co., Ltd is an eminent manufacturer of the butterfly valve in China with many prestigious awards and a strong portfolio. Since they have flourished well in their field, the manufacturers have branched out from Zhejiang, and now they also have a factory in Jiaxing, which is near to Shanghai. WuZhou Valve Co., Ltd emphasizes its unique CAD designs backed by highly advanced tools. 

These manufacturers own more than one hundred machine center sets that include advanced metal cutting types of equipment and CNC tools. Their testing department is also well-organized, with about forty-five chimney tester sets as well as in-house test types of equipment that are non-deductive and in nature. All these amenities and infrastructural facilities enable them to produce butterfly valves of superior quality.

Summing Up

These are the five best china butterfly valve manufacturers since they match all the criteria of good butterfly valve manufacturers. Apart from manufacturing their products with superior quality raw materials, they also emphasize on the design as well as technology implemented for manufacturing the butterfly valves. 
In addition to this, these five manufacturers have impressive reviews on their customer care departments and also have worldwide shipping facilities. As a result, the butterfly valve china manufacturer industry is flourishing with rapidity due to their skilled labor as well as their advanced technology that efficiently reduces their production cost and are becoming unparalleled on the global scale. Would you like some more options? Then you can contact us at Dombor.