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Industrial valves are used to control the flow of liquids, fumes, and slurries. These valves are used to control the flow of fluids or gases. This can be accomplished by partially blocking pipes and other routes by releasing, closing, and blocking access to them.

By 2022, the global market for industrial valves is estimated to reach $77 billion. The need for industrial valves is expected to expand in the next few years, as they are utilized in a variety of commercial infrastructure projects, robotics projects, and other applications. Due to technological breakthroughs, increased industrialization and development of business facilities have boosted demand and boosted market growth.

Below is the list of the Best Asian Industrial Valves & Parts Suppliers.

List of The Best 5 Asia Industrial Valve & Parts Supplier

Here is an outline of the top 5 Asia Industrial Valve & Parts Supplier:

1. DomBor Valves
2. VIP Valves
3. Kirloskar Ltd
4. L&T valves
5. Asian Valves

Top 5 Best Asia Industrial Valve & Part Supplier

1. Dombor Valves

Dombor Valves Logo 1
Source: Dombor Valves

Type of Business: Valves Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Founded: 2001

Products offered:

DomBor is one of the leading Asian Industrial valves & parts manufacturers. Founded in 2001, it specializes in making a varied range of industrial valves able to manage severe workplace environments ideal for industrial applications, using current technology and advanced processing equipment.

Their professional engineers are constantly pushing boundaries in custom valve manufacture, looking for solutions to industry challenges. Due to their commitment to research and development, they are able to address these concerns and provide superior wholesale valves for distilleries, treatment plants, mining operations, and other applications.

2. VIP Valves

VIP Valves Logo
Source: VIP Valves

Type of Business: Valves Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai

Year Founded: 1978

Products offered:

Industrial valves are designed and manufactured by Vip Valves. VIP was founded by a policy wonk with more than 37 years of professional experience in manufacturing valve design and production. 

They are the market leader in industrial valve stockists, wholesalers, merchants, and dealers. They operate from Mumbai to all of India as well as all over the globe at a flexible price while maintaining ISO standards and ensuring quality.

The company’s operations are guided by a solid ethical foundation and a solid level of quality assurance.

3. Kirloskar Ltd

Kirloskar Ltd Logo
Source: Kirloskar Ltd

Type of Business: Engineering solutions

Location (Headquarters): Bangalore

Year Founded: 1888

Products offered:

  • Gate valve
  • Check valve
  • Air valve
  • Suction diffuser
  • Butterfly valve

They’re right in the middle of agriculture, commerce, and business. Through Total Fluidity Administration, they hope to empower individuals, improve business, build infrastructure, and open up new growth options.

Kirloskar Group produces and creates a variety of cutting-edge Total Fluidity Management technologies. Their capabilities range from massive infrastructure initiatives including water supply, power generating, irrigation, petroleum & gas, and maritime and defense to tiny household and agricultural devices.

4. L&T valves

Untitled 1 Recovered
Source: L&T Valves

Type of Business: Engineering Solutions

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai

Year Founded: 1938

Products offered:

L&T Valves, a part of Larsen & Toubro, a USD 21 billion engineering and innovation company, has been trusted by the market for even more than six decades (Formerly Audco India Limited, AIL)

They have a total of 20 million valves, allowing for efficient flow management in a variety of sectors around the world. L&T Valves goes above and beyond production process standards. They use their knowledge at every level of the process, from design to manufacturing, to improve the consumer experience.

5. Asian Valves

Asian Valves Logo
Source: Asian Valves

Type of Business: Valves manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Chennai

Year Founded: 1983

Products offered:

Asian Industrial Valves and Instruments (ASVIN) is a renowned manufacturer of valves and equipment for processing industries such as chemical, petrochemical, distilleries, fertilizers, nuclear, radioactive, paper, sugars, pharmaceuticals, steel, concrete, and other connected sectors.

ASVIN began with a basic set-up in 1983 and has grown steadily since then. ASVIN is now one of the most well-known companies in the valve industrial sector.

Types of Industrial Valves & Their Application

Industrial Valves
Source: Unsplash

1. Gate Valves

Gate valves can be used in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. They’re employed in applications that require on-and-off switching.

2. Globe Valves

Throttling is the primary function of global valves. They can be thought of as basic flow control valves with high-temperature usage.

3. Ball Valves

Ball Valves are being used in the petroleum industry for velocity and pressure control, as well as shut down for chemical solvents, slurries, regular liquids, and gases.

They are also utilized in various manufacturing industries, storage facilities, and even household applications.

4. Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are utilized for dangerous substances at low temperatures and pressures in the medicinal, chemical, and food processing industries.

5. Check Valves

Because of their simple design and wide range of material alternatives, check valves are employed in a wide range of markets and applications. They aid in the prevention of backflow and the maintenance of pressure.

Check valves are often found in the management of waste and manufacturing, as well as in sectors such as refining, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil production, water, heat, refining petroleum, and sticky fluids.


Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Pressure Valves, and Diaphragm Valves are examples of industrial control valves. These hinges perform a variety of purposes and operate on a separate concept. This is why it’s crucial to know which manufacturer manufactures which valve, and the quality that they offer.