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At first, butterfly valves were used if a tight closure wasn’t essential. Using rubber or elastomeric materials, they were eventually manufactured with fairly tight seals that provided good shutoff like other types of valves. The butterfly valve is used where there is limited space. Unlike gate valves, butterfly valves can be operated in either the open or closed position in addition to throttling or regulating flow. Compared to a gate valve, a butterfly valve has a small pressure loss.

Due to their higher ductility rating (hence the name), ductile iron butterfly valves will conform more to the swaying. Despite ductile iron’s good damping properties, cast iron is still highly recommended for use on heavy or loud machinery since it is more durable and doesn’t soundproof as well as ductile iron. 

While the chemical composition of ductile iron and gray iron is similar, metallurgical treatment during the casting process modifies its structure to provide mechanical properties similar to carbon steel, while retaining its superior corrosion resistance in some environments. This change in metallurgical structure makes it an excellent material for butterfly valve bodies.

List of Best 4 Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

These are the Top 4 Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturers.

  1. Butterfly Valves and Controls
  2. API International
  3. Score Valves
  4. Vortex Hydra

Leading Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

  1. Butterfly Valves and Controls
Butterfly Valves and Controls logo

Source- Butterfly Valves and Controls

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Grapevine, Texas

Year Established- 1968

Certifications- ISO 14000, ISO 9001

For 25 years, Butterfly Valves & Controls, Inc. specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality butterfly control valves. Their parts are sourced from only the most reputable manufacturers of butterfly valves.

Every valve manufactured/assembled is built to ensure long-term service life and safe operation. There are many different types of valves, actuators, controls, and positioners in their catalog.

BVC distributes butterfly control valves worldwide. Power plants, municipal water, pharmaceutical production, gas production, and other industries use their valves and controls because they are safe, long-lasting, and reliable.

Products and services

  • High-Performance Double Offset
  • Triple Offset
  • Large AWWA
  • Teflon Seated
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Electric Actuators
  • Large Dampers
  • Operators
  • Check Valves
  • Limit Switches
  • Solenoids
  • Positioners
  • Special Resilient Seated
  • Special – High Performance
  • Special Triple Offset
  1. API International
API International logo

Source- API International

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Tualatin, Oregon

Year Established- 1960

The Exhaust, Agriculture, Water Works, and HVAC markets employ API International’s products in manufacturing and distributing expansion joints, flanges, valves, and other pipe fittings. Whether you need to modify stock items or create custom products to meet your unique specifications, the company’s Machine Shop can modify stock items in their conveniently located warehouses for quick distribution throughout the United States.

As a leading supplier of valves, high-quality flanges, related products, and assemblies, API serves a global base of industrial, piping, commercial, energy, fabricators, and agricultural industry manufacturers. API will assist customers in all phases of the development and delivery of their projects to optimize the design, manufacturability, quality, functionality, cost, and satisfaction of the end-users.

API aims to become the first choice of their customers in the pipe, valve, and fitting industry for stock and custom parts by being easy to deal with and stocking the right parts.

Products and services

  • wafer style butterfly valves with gear operator
  • wafer style butterfly valves with lever operator
  • valve extensions for butterfly valves
  • double-door check valves
  • pressure relief valves
  • resilient wedge gate valve
  • check valve kit
  1. Score Valves
Score Valves logo

Source- Score Valves

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Edmonton, Canada

Year Established- 1988

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

Engineered solutions provider Score Valves has a specialty in butterfly valves. A complete line of designs is available from them, including triple offset and double offset.

The company works with a number of casting and machining sources, as well as welding and machining facilities owned by its common owners, to maintain an extensive inventory of valves and spare parts for quick deliveries.

The company is well known for designing and manufacturing TRICENTRIC® triple offset valves. They can satisfy even the most stringent end-user requirements, regardless of technical complexity – aerospace, high temperatures, cryogenics, critical applications, expedited delivery, or casting-source controls.

Score Valves takes pride in developing technologically innovative and reliable products. Providing excellent customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations is the company’s top priority.

Score Valves has over 30,000 butterfly valves installed across many industries, and with their extensive application experience, they have firmly established themselves as a leader in butterfly valve solutions.

Products and services

  • TRICENTRIC® Triple Offset
  • HIGHSEAL® Double Offset
  1. Vortex Hydra
Vortex Hydra logo

Source- Vortex Hydra

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Fossalta di Copparo, Italy

Year Established- 1967

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

Vortex Hydra Group was founded in 1967 as an initiative by a group of engineers who decided to enter the industrial automation market, which was growing rapidly at the time.

Through its work in a wide range of industries, Vortex Hydra has become an international designer of concrete roof tiles. Also, they have hydro-engineering plants, developing equipment for water-control systems, such as dams and rivers.

Vortex Hydra manufactures wastewater valves, gates, and related equipment for water control in dam construction, river flow, and so on in the field of renewable energy.

Products and services

  • Spherical valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Fixed cone valves
  • Slide & fixed wheels gates
  • Flap gates
  • Radial gates
  • Bottom outlet gates
  • Pound lock – Da Vinci doors
  • Stop logs

Best Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in China


DomBor Valves Logo
Dombor Valves Logo 1

Source- Dombor

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Zhejiang, China

Year Established- 1991

Certifications- ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, CE, NORSOK M-650

Dombor is one of the best Chinese Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve manufacturers. It manufactures high-quality and affordable valves and ships them throughout the world.

Buying from Dombor comes with a lot of advantages such as-

  • Trustworthy Corporate Culture- DomBor was established in order to provide products and services of the highest quality to clients worldwide.
  • One-Stop Service- DomBor offers a one-stop service for everything ranging from customizing valves to ordering large quantities to provide speedy delivery and after-sales support.
  • Wide Variety of Products- Dombor manufactures both standard and custom valves that meet the specific requirements of your industry.
  • Strict Quality Control- The company strictly inspects every valve in production, during production, and after production so that there is no variance in performance.

Products and services

  • Butterfly valves
  • Gate valves
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Globe valves
  • Plug valves


We hope you now know about the top ductile iron butterfly valve manufacturers. All the companies mentioned above produce high-quality valves and ship them throughout the world. Dombor is a popular valve manufacturing brand not only in China but all over the globe. You can contact them for affordable industrial equipment services.