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  • lug butterfly valve 01
  • lug butterfly valve 02
  • lug butterfly valve 03
  • lug butterfly valve 04
  • lug butterfly valve 05
  • lug butterfly valve 06

Lug Butterfly Valves Collection

Manufactured with durable steel, our lug-style butterfly valves come with threaded tapped lugs bolted on valve flanges. Containing multiple holes, our lug-style valves are used to isolate equipment and help with maintenance work. As they are flexible and made for pneumatic or electric actuation, our lug-style valves align well with end-of-line services.

Through our specific processing technology, we produce precise lug-style butterfly valves with disc and seat material appropriate for your applications. For your convenience, DomBor Valve provides on-site technical support and repair videos for easier maintenance.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Zero Leakage
  • Fire safe design
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • live-loading of packing
  • Double offset
  • Unique sealing system

Main Features of the Product

  • More flange standards can be applied to make installation easier
  • Two way zero leakage sealing system
  • The eccentric structure makes our valves have the characteristics of strong reliability and easy maintenance
  • Valve seat interchangeability can make the valve have excellent service life, save product cost and manual maintenance time
  • High strength material stem, anti fly out stem and integrated stem design make the valve more stable and suitable for more operation modes
  • Live-loading of packing and low leakage packing makes the valve stem seal safer and suitable for more working conditions

Technical Specifications

Size Range Body Materials
2″-40″(50mm-1000mm) Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Nickel Aluminum Bronze,alloy steel,etc
Temperature Range Stem Material
-196 to 600 degree Staniless Steel
Pressure Ratings Seat Materials
Class 150 to Class 900,PN 2.5 to PN150,10K-20K soft seat ,metal seat,full metal seat
Shutoff Rating Disc Materials
Zero Leakage Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Nickel Aluminum Bronze,alloy steel,etc
Body Style Design Standard
lug ASME B16.34, API 609
Design Standard Flange Drilling
ASME B16.34, API 609 ASME B16.5, EN 1092,GOST 33259
Testing Standard Certifications
API 598,EN12266-1,ISO 5208 API 609,CE,EAC,SIL3,API 607,ISO 19001
Face to Face Fugitive Emissions
API 609,ISO 5752,MSS SP-68,ASME B16.10,EN558-1 ISO 158484-1
Applications Operation
Bulk liquid storage, oil & gas, LNG storage & transportation, steam distribution systems, power generation, geothermal steam, sugar & ethanol, pulp & paper liquor, refining, chemical processing, water & wastewater, air separation, cryogenic services Wench, Worm Gear, Electric, Pneumatic,etc

Reliable Lug Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Established in 2001, Dombor is a professional global lug type butterfly valve supplier with specialty in manufacturing different types of valves, including full lug butterfly valves.

Made of durable steel and multiple holes, our products are completely manufactured in-house in our fully-equipped lug butterfly valve factory, ensuring that proper manufacturing and thorough inspection processes are followed.


Lug type butterfly valves

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lug Butterfly Valve

Similar to other industrial valves, lug butterfly valves offer so many benefits, yet have some drawbacks.


  • Lug style butterfly valves are lightweight with simple and compact design.
  • Butterfly valve lug type are very easy to install and repair.
  • Thanks to the small structure, they occupy a small installation space.
  • They can be customized to be automatic or manual depending on your preference.
  • Lug butterfly valves are easy and fast to operate; they make a quick turn to open and close.
  • Butterfly valve lug type’s versatility is unmatched. They can be used in different applications, including low to high temperature and corrosive to non-corrosive conditions.
  • They are cheaper compared to other valves and have high resistance to slurry components.


  • Butterfly lug valves fail to seal perfectly like industrial ball valves.
  • If there’s a low pressure drop, they cannot be used for throttling purposes.
  • Lug butterfly valve disc is controlled and guided by fluid turbulence.
  • When the valve is opened, the valve disc is located in the flow area, which increases pressure drop.

Applications of Dombor Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Since our establishment, we’ve remained one of the leading lug type butterfly valve manufacturers not only for quality production or quick delivery, but for the versatility of our products across many applications.


Dombor’s lug butterfly valves are used in the oil and gas industry to control the flow of fluid and ensure that the production processes are easy by eliminating all hard substances.

Pipeline Industry

Performing similar functions to the wafer type butterfly valve, these valves are used in several areas of the pipeline industry and they are very effective in applications involving slurries and sludge.

Refinery and Petrochemical Industry

Putting our lug butterfly valves through stringent production and quality inspection processes, they function effectively in chemical manufacturing plants, making sure that the work is easier and the staff are safe.

Wastewater Treatment

The lug-style butterfly valve is one of the best valves used for water purification and treatment. It’s lightweight, making it easy to use when dealing with a large quantity of water.

Marine and Ship

Lug butterfly valve supplier Dombor handles demanding marine and ship activities like heavy media by providing quality valves. Lug style butterfly valves are specially made for tough applications like these.

Power Generation

Power generation is a very critical industry that affects the success of other sectors, hence its application equipment must be of premium quality. The quality of valves from Dombor lug butterfly valve factory could be guaranteed for this industry.

Why do You Need Butterfly Valve Lug Type

The butterfly valvelug type is lightweight and easy to install, making it very simple to operate.


In conjunction with this, it’s used to maintain the penstock and safeguard it, while protecting the turbine where the water pressure is high. This valve maintains the upstream water discharge extreme conditions effectively.


A Lug Butterfly Valve

20+ Years Experience as a Lug Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Dombor is a top-rated lug butterfly valve and triple offset butterfly valve manufacturer with more than 20 years of professional experience in designing industrial valves that are capable of handling severe conditions. Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from choosing us as your lug type butterfly valve supplier.

Tailor-made Valve Solution

Working with advanced technology, modern production equipment, and a team filled with experienced experts, we manufacture state-of-the-art butterfly lug valves that are customized to cater to your needs.


At industrial valve company Dombor, we make different kinds of full lug type butterfly valves, providing several options for different applications. These valves can be designed in various sizes, patterns, colors, etc.


Our products and services are completely in adherence to international standards and specifications, such as ISO, API, MSS, and ASME. We are focused on delivering the best quality to our customers.

Fast Delivery

Dombor is an active partner that keeps you updated about the development of each process made without delaying delivery date.

After Sales Service

Our services do not end with product delivery. We offer some inclusive services like professional advice, warranties, and 24/7 customer service to ensure that our customers get the best.

China Concentric Butterfly Valves Sourcing Guide

Before making your wholesale lug butterfly valves purchase, there are some things you need to know, so that you could select the right butterfly valve for your business.

What is a Lug Butterfly Valve

This is a type of butterfly valve with an outside body that’s designed with threaded lugs, which are used to contain bolts that connect the valve to the pipeline. A lug butterfly valve is installed into the piping system by placing it in between two pipe flanges.

Types of Lug Type Butterfly Valves Available in Dombor

As a lug butterfly valve factory, these are the different types of lug-style butterfly valves you can get at Dombor.

Manual lug butterfly valves

A Manual Lug Butterfly Valve

This lug butterfly type valve is operated manually by applying force on the hand wheel or hand lever to make the valve disc open or close. This valve is easy to operate as you only need to turn the hand wheel or hand lever for a quarter turn (900) to allow or block fluid flow.

Electric Lug Butterfly Valves

An Electric Lug Butterfly Valve


This type operates with an electrical actuator, which consists of an electrical motor that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. The electrical lug butterfly valve is automated such that it can open and close independently without human involvement.

Pneumatic Lug Butterfly Valves

A Pneumatic Lug Butterfly Valve

This type operates with a pneumatic actuator. It functions by using compressed air, which is responsible for providing the torque with power to open and close the valve. The pneumatic lug butterfly valve is designed for purposes like sanitary applications that need high levels of hygiene.

Hydraulic Lug Butterfly Valves

A Hydraulic Lug Butterfly Valve

This type operates using hydraulic actuators and fluid. The hydraulic actuator is a device that manages fluid flow through a hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic lug butterfly valve is very powerful as it uses incompressible fluids, making it produce high values of torque.

Components of the Lug Style Butterfly Valve

Basically there are 6 components to a lug-style butterfly valve. They are:

  • Valve body: This is the external part of the lug butterfly valve made with strong materials like carbon steel, ductile iron, and stainless steel. It serves a house for internal components and it’s very tough to help withstand fluid pressure.
  • Hand wheel/hand lever/actuator: This lug butterfly valve component is used to provide the force needed to open and close the valve. While the hand wheel or hand lever is attached with manual lug butterfly valves, the actuator is attached with the semi-automatic and automatic types.
  • Stem: This component links the valve disc to the hand wheel/hand lever/actuator. It transmits the force applied on the hand wheel/hand lever/actuator to the valve disc.
  • Disc: This component is responsible for opening and closing fluid flow. It gets its power to work from the hand wheel/hand lever/ actuator through the stem.
  • Seats: The full lug type butterfly valve is made of two seats, which provide the surface where the disc rests when the valve closes. These seats also make sure that there’s no fluid leakage when the valve is closed as they enhance a bubble-tight seal together with the valve disc.
  • Gasket: This part is placed in-between the pipe and the valve’s mating surface to stop any fluid leakage.


How does a Lug Type Butterfly Valve Work

A lug butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve that works by turning the valve disc at 900. This helps to open or close the path of the fluid flow. The rotary motion is transferred to the valve disc through the valve stem, allowing the disc to make the same quarter-turn where it becomes parallel to the fluid flow path and leaves it open. The fluid will continue to flow through as long as the disc is opened. To stop the fluid flow, the hand wheel/hand lever/actuator is turned in the clockwise direction where the disc is perpendicular to the fluid flow path.

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

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Generating high-quality valve solutions requires a deep insight into market needs. DomBor Valve, as a reliable valve manufacturer, relies on a trusted supply network, the latest production, and assembly machinery, along with digital design capabilities and 20 years of industry experience.

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