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Butterfly valve manufacturer in Europe

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Are you searching for the top butterfly valve manufacturers in Europe? This article might be the answer to all your searches. Listed below are the leading butterfly valve manufacturers in Europe. Not only are they excellent manufacturers of butterfly valves, but they produce an array of other valve types too. This includes gate valves, catch valves and likewise.

Butterfly valves are a specially designed valve regulation for isolating a liquids flow. There are three main types of butterfly valves out there – plastic lined, metal and rubber lined. Most butterfly valves allow the flow of gases, liquids, or slurry. Their implementations are pretty significant because they can be developed with precise pressure specifications and usage patterns in mind.

Butterfly valves provide a number of benefits over other flow control technologies, including the fact that they are quick, inexpensive, low-maintenance, simple to implement, and leak-proof.

Criteria For Being the Leading Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Europe 

A suitable butterfly valve must have the qualities that have been listed below. 

  • It should be easy to install
  • Should be manufactured using environmental-friendly products
  • Should be leak-proof
  • Must be well-tested
  • Must match the industry standards.
  • Easy customer-care services.
  • Offering customers, the value for their money.

 List of the Leading Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in Europe 

  1. ABO Valve 
  2. Zwick 
  3. Hobbs Valve
  4. Ayvaz 

1. ABO Valve 

Located in: Czech Republic 

Established in: 1993

Valve types: Double Flanged Butterfly Valve, Concentric Butterfly Valve (series 600, 900, ALU line), etc. 

Certification: Lloyd’s Register, TUV, ABS, GOST, API 609-0068, DVGW


Source: ABO Valves

With over two decades of experience, ABO is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality industrial valves. ABO excels in resilient seated butterfly valves, PTFE lined butterfly valves, and double and triple offset high-efficiency valves for the chemical, oil & gas, power, and construction industries.

Material analysis, in-production control, tightness testing, pressure tests to 110 percent of maximum pressure, and final inspection are all areas where we focus on quality. Their valves have the following characteristics: 100 percent zero leakage, 100 percent tested, and 100 per cent built in Europe.

They provide a wide range of goods to their customers, including butterfly valves for general and industrial usage, high valves with double and triple offset, knife gate and ball valves, and safety valves for the most demanding applications.

They put a premium on quality and innovation. TUV, GOST R, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DVGW, and API 609-0068 are just a few of the European and worldwide certificates its valves have obtained. The manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 accredited, ensuring high product quality and durability, as well as compliance with safety standards.

2. Zwick 

Located in: Germany

Years of experience: 30 years

Certification: API and British Standard approved


Source: Zwick

ZWICK is a leading manufacturer of triple offset butterfly valves in Germany, as well as a high-performance equipment exporter. ZWICK has over 30 years of experience in designing and producing triple offset butterfly valves. 

The company has become the leading producer of high-quality and reliable triple offset butterfly valves due to multiple patents and a distinctive design. ZWICK triple eccentric butterfly valves are used in a wide range of industries around the world. Their triple offset valves are also Fire-Safe, API, and British Standard certified.

The TRI-CHECK series of check valves use the triple eccentric geometry of the TRI-CON series of butterfly valves. The flap’s seamless opening and closing reduces natural wear and tear.

The technical basis of a lamellar seal on a floating, self-centring disc ensures that the standards for 100 per cent tightness * are fulfilled here as well.

3. Hobbs Valve 

Located in: United Kingdom

Established in: 2005

Products: Standard Valve Range, Double Block and Blend Valves, Cryogenic Valves (-196 degree centigrade) and Actuation Solutions

Other industries: Oil and gas, power generation, steel mill, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, sugar and alcohol, mining and metallurgy etc. 

Hobbs Valve

Source: Hobbs Valve

Hobbs Valve has dominated the global market for high-quality valves in only 15 years and is generally regarded as one of the best valve manufacturers. Hobbs Valve is a market leader in triple offset butterfly valves. The business has become a significant manufacturer in the United Kingdom and around the world due to its dedication to the design, development, and testing of triple offset valves.

Hobbs is all about innovation, and we’ve been leading the market in the design and manufacture of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves since 2005.

The company’s success may be traced back to founder Alun Hobbs’ eureka moment when he designed the first of a series of design improvements that resulted in the triple offset butterfly valve.

Their invention overtook the industry, assisting many industrial activities in increasing efficiency and lowering expenses. We created and developed our proprietary TVT (Tomorrow’s Valve Today) metal seated valves in-house using advanced precision engineering processes.

4. Ayvaz 

Years of experience: 69 years 

Located in: Bulgaria 

Business type: Manufacturer 

Industry type: Water and wastewater

Other products: Check valve, gate valve, level controller, filter, fire-fighting equipment, pneumatic actuator, brass valve


Source: Ayvaz

AYVAZ has been producing cutting-edge technology for 69 years, and our expertise is evident in all of our products and custom solutions for clients. Ayvaz began manufacturing brass valves for the maritime business in 1948. Ayvaz has steadily expanded its product line since its inception. 

Ayvaz now has 32.000 m2 of indoor production space. Ayvaz distributes to more than 95 countries worldwide. Ayvaz delivers services to companies with more than 500 personnel, with white-coloured staff making 40% of the total. Production, sales, R&D, and quality departments employ 52 employees.

The operating concept of a butterfly valve is as follows: the disc fixes a shaft spin, and the valve closes or opens as a result. Between the disc and the seal, leak tightness is created. 

The Material Structure is composed of – The body is made of GG25 cast iron, and the disc is made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Their connection is of the wafer type, with nominal diameters ranging from DN25 (1″) to DN600 (24″). 

Temperature ratings range from -10°C to 130°C. Their products have the following advantages: minimal pressure loss, ease of opening and shutting, good leak tightness, and compact design. 

Summing up 

Europe has several butterfly valve manufacturers. Choosing the right one which offers the best quality products at a pocket-friendly price is necessary. The leading butterfly valve manufacturers in Europe are listed above who provide quality products to all their customers. For an array of other options, you can also look up at Dombor and contact us for your needs.