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For industrial valves, Europe is the world’s largest manufacturer of oil and gas valves. The 8 % market in the United States is accounted for by ball valves. After China and Germany, Italy was the third-largest exporter of industrial valves in 2016. In this post, you’ll learn about the top ball valve manufacturers in Europe, giving you additional alternatives when it comes to choosing the correct type of ball valve.

Finding the proper business partner for effective operations is critical for anyone involved in the oil and gas industry. However, in an industry as big as the oil and gas industry, finding the ideal fit that meets all of your business criteria is not always straightforward.

In order to meet this challenge, numerous reputed online B2B platforms have been developed specifically for this dynamic industrial landscape, and to make things easy we have compiled a list of some of the most reputable high-performance ball valve manufacturing businesses.

List of leading high-performance ball valves manufacturers in Europe

Europe’s top high-performance valve manufacturers are listed below

  1. Dombor
  2. Bohmer Ball Valve, Sprockhovel, Germany.
  3. ABO Valve-Olomouc, Czech Republic.
  4. Tecnologías ECONTROL SL, Tarragona, Spain.
  5. Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
  6. Lead Valve (UK), London, UK.
  7. LESER GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany.
  8. OMB Valve SpA, Cenate Sotto, Bergamo, Italy
  9. Galli&Cassina, Solaro, Milano, Italy.

  1. Dombor

Located in: No.96 Fanhua East Road, Oubei, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Founded in: 2001

Certificates: EACC 9001 / 14001 / 18001

DomBor Valves Logo

Source: Dombor

You can count on Dombor for consistent supply and cutting-edge manufacturing and as a trusted valve maker. Dombor manufactures industrial valves such as ball, check, plug, gate, globe, and actuated valves. Dombor’s industrial valves are custom made to demand. All Dombor’s goods are ISO, API, MSS, and ASME certified.

Dombor’s products and services meet global standards and ethics to assure client satisfaction. Dombor, as a business partner, ensures that they meet their clients’ deadlines. Dombor’s service does not end there. Dombor provides exceptional service and warranties.

2. Bohmer Ball Valve, Sprockhovel, Germany.

Located in: Germany

Founded in: 1956

Certificates: DIN EN ISO 9001, API 6D and API 6SS, PED (CE), GOST/EAC, CRN.


Source: BOHMER

BOHMER is one of the world’s major manufacturers of ball valves. They use careful coordination of design, materials and technologies to produce the best ball valve for your application.

Böhmer has been interchangeable for over 60 years, with absolute durability and safety. DN3 to DN 1400 (1/8-56 inch) ball valves are strong enough for your application.

Böhmer valves are widely used in the manufacturing business, as well as in the oil and gas industry. Similarly, with district heating pipes and networks.

3. ABO Valve-Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Located in: Czech Republic

Founded in: 1993

Certificates: TUV, GOST R, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DVGW, or API 609-0068.


Source: ABO

With over two decades of experience, ABO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial valves. ABO specializes in PTFE lined ball valves, double and triple offset high-efficiency valves for the chemical, power, oil & gas, shipbuilding industries and resilient seated ball valves.

4. Tecnologías ECONTROL SL, Tarragona, Spain.

Located in: Tarragona, Spain.

Founded in: 1970s.

Certificates: ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.



Control valves are designed, manufactured, and operated by ECONTROL, the indisputable European leader. Every year, ECONTROL Spain produces and ships about 5,000 control valves.

In the regulation service, the ECONTROL VC-100 and VC-101 globe control valves are reliable products. The VC-100s are ECONTROL’s most significant contribution to the process industries in Europe and around the world, and they’ve been in use for more than three decades.

 5. Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Located in: Tilburg, The Netherlands

Founded in: 2000

Certificates: PN16-PN420

Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV

Source: Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV

Maverick Valves Manufacturing HQ BV specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high alloy steel and titanium valves, both standard and custom-made.

Maverick develops and distributes custom-designed valves in various grades of high alloy materials, according to customer specifications. Sizes range from 12 to 56 inches (DN15-DN1400), with class ratings ranging from 150 to 4500 pounds (PN16-PN420).

6. Lead Valve (UK), London, UK.

Located in: London, UK.

Founded in: 1970

Certificates: API/BS/EN/AWWA/ISO etc


Source: LEAD (UK)

LEAD (UK) is a technology-based firm that started valve engineering in the Oil & Gas sector. LEAD (UK) developed a workshop on industrial pipeline valves after eight years of expansion, progressively expanding the range of products with Globe/Check Gate Valves for Gas& Oil and Water Works Treatment. Lead Valve boosted its production capacity in 2008 to meet expanding global market demand. Iron, steel, and special alloy materials are used in global valves, which meet international criteria such as API/BS/EN/AWWA/ISO, among others.

7. LESER GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany.

Located in: Hamburg, Germany.

Founded in: 1818

Certificates: ISO 9001, API, Etc.


Source: LESER

The LESER, a Hamburg-based company, is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe and one of the leading firms globally, with 1,050 employees, eight branches, and distribution colleagues in more than 80 countries. LESER produces more than 130,000 safety valves each year for global markets in Hohenwestedt, Germany, as well as for local markets in Pathain, India, and Tianjin, China. LESER’s production is characterised by a great depth of production.

8. OMB Valve SpA, Cenate Sotto, Bergamo, Italy

 Located in: Bergamo, Italy

Founded in: 1973

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 15848, API 602, API 6A, etc.

OMB Valves Company

Source: OMB Valves Company

The OMB Valves Company is a valve manufacturer with a wide range of products for the oil industry. OMB is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in valves for the oil and gas, fuel, marine, and aerospace industries.

Engineered valves for heavy applications with a focus on high-pressure operation are their speciality. The company has had a Local Purchasing and Local Production strategy from its inception to promote the growth of the communities where it works and operates.

9. Galli&Cassina, Solaro, Milano, Italy

 Located in: Milano, Italy

Founded in: 1919


Source: Galli&Cassina

Galli&Cassina is a major Italian valve manufacturer and a forerunner in the design and production of a full range of plug valves.

G&C began a massive development of Plug Valves to service the oil and gas sector around the globe and is currently one of the leading suppliers for all foreign oil and gas companies.


Industrial valves are in increased demand around the world, and producersEu are ready to meet the need. High-performance ball valve vendors in the United States and China can also provide you with high-quality valves. More fantastic vendors may be found in this comprehensive reference to valve manufacturers in Europe. If you are intrigued to know more, why not contact us at Dombor?