Inspection Details

Key Part of Quality Management and Assurance

DomBor Valve utilizes an established QC system that tests and inspect each aspect of our industrial valves. From chemical element analysis to sealing performance, our QC system ensures all of the DomBor Valve products comply with international standards.

Raw Material Inspection

Process Inspection

Finished Product Inspection

Meeting Your Quality Requirements by All Means

DBV is open to cooperating with authorized third-party institutions for additional professional testing measures, including. flammability testing or chemical testing of the reliability and durability of our industrial valves.


Through third-party tests conducted by reputable laboratories and testers, we ensure all of our industrial valves comply with various industry standards. The results provided by these institutions show the extent to which our valves satisfy your business or project requirements.

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.