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Dombor Trunnion Ball Valve 1

Top Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers In The World 

Trunnion-mounted ball valves are 90-degree turn valves employed to cease medium flow. The flow is started or stopped by rotating …

Pressure gauges installed in a submarine

PSIG vs PSI: What’s their Difference

Different units of pressure are used for measurements in various industries. A varied scale helps in measuring minute variations and …

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve 2

A Complete Guide To Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Installation

One of the most prevalent valve types in commercial pipelines is the wafer butterfly valve. The wafer butterfly valve is …

Floating Ball Valve

An Essential Guide To ISO 17292 Vs API 6D

What Is ISO 17292 The specifications for many metal ball valves applicable for petrochemical, natural gas facilities, and related industrial …

Dombor Concentric Butterfly Valve

101 Guide To Industrial Valve Standards In America

In the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors, valves have a wide range of uses. There are many significant regulatory groups …

Electric Actuated Valve 2

What To Know About Electric Actuation System In Valve | Dombor

An actuator is a component of a control system that utilizes the controller’s output to send a control signal to …

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