Lubricated Plug Valves

Built-to-Last Lubricated Plug Valves

A cavity in the middle of our lubricated plug valves contains a sealant that moves toward the radial holes, creating a renewable seal between the plug and body when operated. The sealant can also act as a lubricant that reduces friction to elongate the plug valve’s lifespan.


DomBor is a reliable lubricated plug valves manufacturer with its advanced CNC machining equipment that allows for precision manufacturing. Through our extensive QC system, we ensure your lubricated plug valves can achieve superior flow control and have an extended service life.

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.