Plug Valves

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Industry-Oriented Plug Valves

Our plug valves utilize a cylindrical or tapered plug that can open/close, throttle, or divert a piping’s flow. By utilizing high-grade materials and our molds, our plug valves can satisfy various industry requirements. Each DomBor plug valve has a working temperature of -196°C to 800°C and low flow resistance, making them suitable for gas and liquid mediums such as fuel.


DomBor Valve saves you time and effort by offering a wide range of plug valves for various piping systems.

Product Features


Plug Valves

Eccentric valves work similarly to gate valves but can achieve quarter-turn operations for immediate flow management.

Each of these valves has lubricant injected between the body seat and plug face, which makes it easy to operate the valve while providing it extensive service life.

By utilizing a special material around the entire plug, our sleeved plug valves allow for continuous operation without maintenance or lubrication.

As the name indicates, DomBor’s double block and bleed plug valves create a seal in both directions and create an isolated chamber within the plug.

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.