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Control-Focused Needle Valves

Needle plugs with a V shape are the notable feature of our needle valves that allow engineers to accurately control the flow and pressure. With the mechanism of the plug, it is possible to adjust the needle valve to throttle the flow.


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Needle Valves Collection

A needle valve controls the flow of substances such as gas or liquid. The needle valve has a unique feature, and it has a small plunger whose shape is very similar to that of a needle. This is also why this valve is known as a needle valve. The plunger has a small handle which is called the handwheel. This handle helps in easily turning the valve.


Once the valve is turned up, there is a space between the seat and the needle, allowing materials to flow through the valve. When it is completely attached, the valve fits properly inside the ‘seat,’ which is also one of the parts of the needle valve. We are one of the leading high-pressure needle valve manufacturers committed to producing top-notch valves.


Some components of a needle valve are:

How does a needle valve work?

Needle valves are used in several industries and machines. Needle valves are also an important component in water heaters. These valves are used to control the pressure inside the machine. Moreover, it also enhances the efficiency of the water heaters and makes sure that water is not being overused. 

They are also often used in vacuums, and it helps in controlling the air pressure in vacuums. The needle valve also ensures that gas or liquid pressure inside is slowed down before shutting off completely. This ensures that there is minimum pressure on the machine’s internal parts.


Needle valves are generally made from durable and robust materials like steel or copper. But now, many needle valve suppliers are also made from other materials like brass or plastics. We are a renowned stainless steel needle valve manufacturer known for producing high-end products.

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