Forged Valves

Hardened Forged Valves

By shaping metals and alloys through our innovative forging method, we can create durable forged valves. The lack of multiple valve pieces allows our forged valves to handle extreme temperatures and pressure, and increases their resistance against shrinkage, cracks, and porous formations. DomBor’s forged valves have passed rigorous tests and comply with several international certificates such as ISO 15848-1, making them meet international standards.


Through our experience in the pump valve industry, we can find the right forged valves for your project or business requirements.

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DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

Forged Valves Collection

Forged steel valves are great for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. They offer more strength, longevity and better performance as compared to the general valves. We are a leading Forged steel valve manufacturer. 


The forged steel valves manufactured in our industry involve innovative forging methods that yield durable forged valves. We hold extensive experience in the pump value industry and can help you find the perfect forged steel ball valve for your business. The forged steel valve consists of the following body parts:

How does a forged steel Valve work?

The forged steel valves are best for applications in the pipeline comprising high-pressure medium and high temperature like a nuclear power plant; coal-fired power plant, petrochemical system, etc. 


The forged steel valves are manufactured with the help of various crucial components that ensure proper functioning. Generally, the common materials used for producing these valves include steel, PVC, iron, etc. Contact Our Experts If You are Seeking Forged Steel Valve Manufacturers. Not only do we charge less but offer quality as well.

Forged steel valve
Cast steel valve

Forged Steel valves vs Cast Steel Valve

The process used to make a Forged steel valve is called forging. Forging is generally based on applying thermal energy into robust blocks of steel. Consequently, it uses mechanical forces to transform steel into the end product after several processes. 

Forged steel valves have less surface porosity, stronger tensile strength, longer fatigue strength, and higher ductility than cast steel valves. Contact Our Experts If You are Seeking Forged Steel Valve Manufacturers. We offer high-quality valves at affordable rates.