Bellows Sealed Globe Valves

High-Integrity Bellows-Sealed Globe Valves

Created specifically to handle corrosive and high-temperature chemicals, bellows sealed globe valves are built with multi-ply, flexible metallic bellows to avoid exposure to these chemicals. Bellows are welded to the valve’s stem and bonnet, along with proper sealing of joints, eliminating potential leakage.


Manufactured in line with established global standards, our bellows-sealed globe valves boast excellent sealing performance and long cycle life. Qualified experts routinely test our globe valves to minimize leaks, thus reducing maintenance requirements.

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Bellows Sealed Globe Valves Collection

A bellows sealed globe valve is a compact design globe valve used to seal valve stem equipment. Inside it is a bellows, and the bottom end of the stainless-steel bellows is welded to the stem in order to secure the stem, preventing the fluid system. A bellows globe valve is built to handle corrosive and high-temperature chemicals.


Bellow sealed globe valve is constructed with stainless steel. The body and bonnet of this globe valve are made of forged material F316/F304, and other parts are made of stainless steel SS 316/SS 304. Bellows globe valve has tight sealing of joints, to avoid possible leakage.


We are a well-known bellows sealed globe valve manufacturer with over 20 years’ long experience in the valve industry. Dombor produces global standard bellows sealed valves that deliver excellent sealing performance and durability. Our products work with a deep insight into the market requirements.


Skilled engineers and professionals are involved with manufacturing globe valves.

We take special care in getting regular tests done by qualified experts to ensure the safety of the products. You can assess the amazing functionality of our products by using the bellows sealed globe valve.

bellow sealed globe valve

Why do you need a Bellows Sealed Globe Valve?

Bellows sealed globe valve is packed with dozens of benefits that you need to consider when using an ergonomic handwheel design bellows valve. The valve with a double-sealed design ensures zero leakage of the stem component. It comes with superior product protection, which is capable of meeting the national standard of sealing.


In addition, it is able to work in unfavorable environments. Hence, we must say you need to use a bellows sealed globe valve to maintain the safe sealing of the components.