Angle Globe Valves

Free-Flowing Angle Globe Valves

A variation on the straight globe valve, angle globe valves’ have a design that encourages the media to flow at a 90° angle, thus generating a lesser pressure drop. Preferred for regulating liquid or air media, angle globe valves are also ideal for applications that require pulsating flow due to their superior slugging effect capability.


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Angle Globe Valves Collection

The angle globe valve is a modified version of the straight globe valve with the ends at a 90° angle. It is designed to support the flow of fluid in pipelines at an angle of 90°, and thus, generates low-pressure drop. It is ideal for regulating different categories of fluids. In appliances that require pulsating flow because of their superior slugging impact capability, angle type globe valve is the right choice in this case. 


The angle globe valve is constructed sturdily using high-quality metals, like bronze, brass, and stainless steel, ensuring malleability and corrosion resistance. It usually requires temperatures ranging from 250°C to 450°C to work for cryogenic applications. The angle seat globe valve is designed to be firmly in place with an angle seat. 


angle globe valve

Why do you need an angle globe valve?

Angle globe valve comes with the same specifications as the disc, stem, and seat ring design with the globe valves. These valves ensure less resistance to flow as compared to normal globe valves with the elbow that it will replace. Furthermore, it decreases the number of joints in a line, thereby saving installation time. The effectiveness of controlling the fluid justifies the purchasing angle globe valve.