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Globe valves have linear motion functionality and can stop, start, and regulate the flow of media. Predominantly used for isolating or throttling the media flow in a pipe stream, globe valves see great use in turbine seals, feeding and extraction systems, cooling systems, and fuel systems that require regulated flow.


As a leading source of export-quality globe valves, DomBor offers a complete line of valves that caters to diverse market needs. With our dedication to product excellence and quality execution, our globe valves are favored in multiple markets across the globe. Our valves used for throttling, wastewater treatment, slurry, and other industrial applications are of high quality.

Product Features


Globe Valves

Suited for high-temperature and high-pressure flows, straight-pattern globe valves enable the regulated flow of media through the pipe stream.

Designed to feature the valve area at a 90° angle, angle globe valves have greater slugging effects than other varieties.

Tailor-made for handling high-pressure corrosive media, bellows-sealed globe valves have multiple bellows for effective chemical regulation.

Angled at 45°, Y-Pattern globe valves assist in having a straighter flow path and produce the least resistance to media flow.

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