Wedge Gate Valves

Versatile Wedge Gate Valves

Generally used in connection setups that require no specific condition or material, wedge gate valves offer long-term sealing and reliable performance. The valve’s distinctive wedge design elevates the sealing load, allowing for tight seals in both high and low-pressure situations.


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Wedge Gate Valves Collection

Solid Wedge Gate Valve

It is one of the most common and widely used gate valves. A solid wedge gate valve is suitable for dealing with all fluids and can be ideally installed in any position. However, these gate valves are poor in handling pipe loads in high temperatures. Solid wedge gate valves are ideal for integration in moderate to low-temperature applications.

Flexible Wedge gate valve

A flexible wedge gate valve is a one-piece solid disk with cuts in different sizes and shapes around the perimeter. The sizes of the cuts contribute to the strength and flexibility of the valves. These uniquely designed valves enhance the seat alignment and provide a leak-proof effect.

Split Wedge Gate Valve

It consists of two solid pieces designed with a special mechanism to hold together. The split disk of the split wedge gate valve adjusts itself to the seating surface, either a wedge shape or parallel disk type, even if one-half of the disk is out of alignment.

Screwed Bonnet

The simplest designed valve available, screwed bonnet, is integrated into inexpensive valves.

Bolted Bonnet

These are the most popular design valves used in a wide number of gate valves. Also, a gasket is required in a bolted bonnet valve to seal the joint between the body and valve.

Some of the parts of a wedge gate valve are:

wedge gate valve 07

Why do you need a wedge gate valve?

The flow resistance of the wedge gate valve is small and requires fewer efforts for opening and closing. The movement direction of the wedge gate valve is perpendicular with the flow direction no matter if it is open or closed, as compared with the globe valve. Furthermore, it comprises large height, long opening, and closing time as the lifting mechanism is performed by the screw. Our sturdy gate valves are built in such a way that they serve the purpose in the best way possible.