Slab Gate Valves

Thermal-Resistant Slab Gate Valves

Perfect for media with suspended particles, slab gate valves, also called through conduit gate valves, feature a solitary gate unit that lowers and rises between two seat rings. The self-positioned sealing surface of slab gate valves keeps the gate unit free from thermal deformation brought by the medium’s temperatures.


DomBor is the industry leader when it comes to long-lasting and affordable slab gate valves, utilizing the latest design tools and precision processing equipment to complete orders large and small. Through years of production expertise, our line of slab gate valves sees use in various oil and gas industries across the globe. 

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Slab Gate Valves Collection

In recent years, the development in the gate valve industry has been very overwhelming. There are several types of gate valves that one can find in the market these days. The scope of gate valves continues to expand in several industries. 

Slab gate definition can be given as a valve with only one gate unit that lowers and rises between the seat rings. The gate slides between the seats are best suited for any medium with suspended particles. We are the top slab gate manufacturers committed to producing only high-end products. Let us now look at the internal structure of the slabs gate valve.

Slab gate valve structure

Here is the internal structure of the slab gate valve:

Why do you need a slab gate valve?

A slab gate valve is best suited for oil or gas pipelines with an operating temperature of 29 to 121℃, class 150-900 / PN1.0-16.0 Mpa and DN50-DN300. The slab gate valves are widely used in several industries as it saves a lot of height space which is essential for expanding gate valves.

slab gate valve