Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Long-Lasting Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Effective in maintaining airtight seals for an extended period of time, resilient seated gate valves feature a high-quality rubber compound that absorbs sand, pebbles, and other impurities in the media. This filtering system expunges the impurities once the valve is opened and cleaned, allowing the gate valve to retain its shape better and longer.


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Resilient Seated Gate Valves Collection

 Resilient seated gate valves are very helpful in maintaining airtight seals for much longer periods. The resilient seated gate valve and soft seated gate valve by Dombor features a high-quality rubber compound that can absorb pebbles, sand, and other impurities in the matter. 


The filtering system of the valve expunges the impurities if you open and clean it regularly. This allows the resilient seal gate valve to retain its shape better and for a longer period.

Structure of resilient seated gate valve


As the gate valve shuts, the wedge moves downward, pressing the valve seat, resulting in a complete shutoff. While opening, the wedge moves toward the upper side of the valve body.

Ductile iron valve body

While rotating, the spindle stays in the valve body. The valve bonnet is attached from the body by bolts, which allows easy cleaning and maintenance.


The function of the stem present in the gate valve is to lift up or down the gate. This task can be done using the same threaded stem either manually, or it can be controlled by an actuator. Two different types of stems can be used depending on the threaded stem end: the first one is a rising stem, and the other one is the non-rising stem.


The bonnet provides cover to the internal parts of a hard valve. It contains a moving part that attaches itself to the body using screws and bolts. But it can be removed if repairs and maintenance are required.

resilient seated gate valve 01

Why do you need a resilient seated gate valve?

Gate valves are generally used when free bore and minimal pressure loss is required. When completely open, it allows free flow with no obstruction. Because the gate valve routes multiple times to go from closed to open position, it also prevents water hammer effects.

Metal Seated Gate valves vs. Resilient Seated Gate valve

The conical wedge design of the metal valve needs a depression in the bottom to make sure that it is tightly closed. While the rubber surface in resilient seated gate valves ensures tight closure.

The sand and pebbles are rooted in the depression or bore; hence the pipes are never totally free from impurities; it does not matter how many times you clear it. At the same time, resilient seated gate valves have a smooth bottom to allow free passage for sand and pebbles.