Tilting Disc Check Valves

Functional Tilting-Disc Check Valves

Perfect for use on different neutral liquid media, tilting-disc check valves offer a quick, tight seal that requires minimal pressure to open. The quick-acting mechanism allows for instant release of media moving forward, while automatically closing to avoid flow reversal.


DomBor’s expertly crafted tilting-disc check valves feature a streamlined design and a larger flow area, which improve their performance by 40%. Created by our seasoned engineers and manufactured with precision equipment, our tilting disc check valves meet global safety and functionality certifications.

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Tilting Disc Check Valves Collection

The normal use of a check valve is to prevent the backflow of streams. For such conditions, a tilting disc check valve is used. They will open even at a minimal pressure. They come with API certification for preventing backflow and leakage of chemicals.



Principal of operation:

They generally follow a simple principle, there are two openings. One is for entering fluid and another is for fluid to get out. It requires a little pressure to open and close its discs. We are one of the best Tilting disc check valve manufacturers in the area.

Why do you need a tilting disc check valve?

Have you seen the chemical refineries or industries that extract rare liquids and fluids from other chemicals? They require check valves that can open their disc even with minimal pressure. In such situations, we need to install a tilting disc check valve. We at Dombor manufacture the best tilting disc check valves.

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