Swing Check Valves

Low-Maintenance Swing Check Valves

Swing check valves feature a weighted disc that swings forward to allow media to flow and moves back to the initial position for tight sealing. Easy to install and maintain, these swing check valves effectively prevent media overflow and are perfect for high-pressure applications.


Offering more than just different low-maintenance swing check valves, we also provide expert after-sales support through on-site maintenance and product replacements. Personalized swing check valves are manufactured by seasoned engineers and tested by qualified QC staff, ensuring reliable and consistent functionality.

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Swing Check Valves Collection

A swing check valve has a disc that swings on the shaft or hinge. The desk on the swing check valve swings to allow forward flow. Once the flow is stopped, it again swings back to the seat to prevent reverse flow. There are some of the main features of the swing type wafer check valve:

Structure of swing type check valves:

Why do you need a swing check valve?

The swing check valve is used in various mediums like steam, water, nitric acid, oil, solid oxidizing media, acetic acid, and urea. These are generally used in chemical, petroleum, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, power, and other industries. However, these valves are suitable for cleaning and not for those mediums that contain very high impurities. These valves are also not recommended for mediums that are pulsating. We are one of the top swing check valve suppliers who produce superior quality valves.

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