Non Slam Check Valves

Durable Non-Slam Check Valves

Specifically designed to handle water hammering caused by stored pressure in the valve, non-slam check valves (also called nozzle check valves) close without creating excess pressure spikes. The check valve’s unique pressure-eliminating feature makes it indispensable in oil and gas, refining, chemical processing, and power generation industries.


Honed by over 20 years of manufacturing experience, DomBor is the industry leader in affordable and reliable non-slam check valves in the market. Implementing streamlined processing and strict quality control standards, our non-slam check valves provide long-term service and peerless performance.

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Non-Slam Check Valves Collection

Normal check valves cannot prevent water flow for high-pressure streams and liquids. In such a scenario, Non-slam check valves were introduced. If you wonder what a non slam check valve is, then let us tell you that these valves are specifically designed to deal with water hammering from the pressure stored in the valve. These valves are also known as the nozzle check valves.


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Durability and strength:

You can install the valve either vertically, horizontally, or at any angle. The valves developed by Dombor are highly durable and last for years.

Working principle:

The discs of these valves require a medium pressure to close and open, unlike the ordinary valves that require high pressure to close. The anti-corrosion and resistance property of the valve is beneficial for the setup, whether you install it in industrial projects or any refinery setups.

Material used:

The valve comprises heavy ductile materials like cast iron, stainless steel, carbon metal, brass, and gunmetal. Thus, the valves will not get rusted even after being used in oxygen plants. We at Dombor are the top non-slam check valve manufacturer.

Why do you need a non-slam check valve?

Generally, the general valves cannot prevent leakage, and they require a high water pressure to close, which may damage your equipment. As an alternative, Non-slam check valves are used. They operate even with a very low pressure of water. We at Dombor manufacture the best non-slam check valves.