Lift Check Valves

Tight-Sealing Lift Check Valves

Controlled by a plug that lifts as the valve fills up with media, the Lift Check Valve (or Piston Check Valve) is ideal for gas, liquid, air, and vapor pipeline connections. Available in horizontal, vertical, and angular body patterns, our lift check valves keep released media from returning when the plug returns to its original place.


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Lift Check Valves Collection

To stop water flow in a piping system, check valves made of solid brass or gunmetal are used. Other than liquids, they can be installed in gas, oil, and vapor pipelines. They also prevent the backflow of pressure and provide a definite path for smooth flow. Lift Check valves are open when fluid streams from them in a solitary direction. They don’t allow the liquid to flow in the opposite direction.

Installation spots

Lift type check valve can be installed in many ways like horizontally, vertically, and angular:


The lift type check valves can be installed below the seat with a proper upward flow. It is critical and requires a lot of experience setting the horizontal or vertical lift check valves. To prevent the backflow, a special angle is required, which is harder to calculate. The flow arrow must be directed in the proper direction.


Comes with long-lasting durability and corrosive resistant specifications, the angular lift check valves can be installed in the angular position of about 45°. It will cause problems if the angle is extended to 45° or more. The best recommendation is 45° or below.


The vertical lift check valve contains a specialized string system that shuts the disc when the fluid or gas does not exert the required pressure. The backflow of liquid is prevented by its backflow restricted disk, which only allows the flow in a single direction.

Why do you need a lift check valve?

A lift check valve is used to prevent the backflow of any stream, whether it is liquid, gas, vapor, or any solidified stream. There is a certain pressure required to open the check valve. If the pressure becomes less, the valve will automatically close, or additionally, it prevents the stream from flowing in the opposite direction. We at Dombor manufacture the best quality lift check valves.

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