Dual Plate Check Valves

Leakproof Dual-Plate Check Valves

Designed with two spring-loaded plates, dual-plate check valves open to release media and spring back to prevent leakage from the outside. This effective check valve can be installed from any position, provides tight sealing, and guarantees no pressure loss.


Combining smart design and advanced functionality, our line of dual-plate check valves offers cost-effective sealing solutions for production facilities, oil refineries, and manufacturing industries. Each dual-plate check valve is molded from high-quality steel and is tested to match API standards for check valves.

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Dual Plate Check Valve Collection

A dual plate check valve is a lighter and more reliable version of an ordinary check value. It is used to prevent the water from hammering in a stream. Other than liquids, the double plate check value will also work diligently with solid streams, gaseous streams, and vapor streams. 


Durability and strength:

The shell is right enough to hold massive pressure and tension of streams in heavy industrial work or refineries. There are no leakage problems with the valve. We are the best dual plate wafer check valve manufacturers.

Material used:

It is prepared with pure steel or gunmetal, which makes it rigid and corrosion resistant, and will work continuously for years without leakage and smudge. Wanted to install it in your high-pressure steam engine; no worry, it will not allow the pressure to leak and backflow.

There are numerous dual plate check valve suppliers in the market, but the product quality you want, only we can provide because we are in the area's top dual plate check valve manufacturers.

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Why do you need a dual plate check valve?

A dual plate valve is a decent alternative for an ordinary check valve. It is lighter, strong, and more reliable. Its double metalled plates will allow the one-direction flow and prevent the backflow. It is commonly used in industrial setups and refineries. Sometimes the backflow of streams is massive, and weak check valves cannot resist it; in that situation, we use dual plate check valves.