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Pressure-Perfect Check Valves

Designed to prevent backflow of media into the stream, check valves are two-port valves that only allow media to flow in a single direction. Relying on pressure differential to function, check valves play an important role in filtration units, household appliances, and wastewater lines, among other applications.


With over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing check valves for the global market, DomBor offers you a complete line of check valves that match your audience’s specific needs. From consultation to aftersales, you can rely on our team to provide expert assistance and quality service in every step.

Product Features


Check Valves

Customized swing check valves ensure quick and tight sealing with either gravity-based or spring-based disks.

Built with a guided disk that lifts to release media, lift check valves have high cracking pressure tolerance for long-term performance.

Durable and economical, our dual plate check valves effectively prevent water hammering due to their spring-loaded closing mechanism.

Reduce unnecessary pressure spikes with our reliable non-slam check valves that slowly close without slamming, controlling the flow of media.

Offering secured sealing and drop-tight closure is our range of tilting disc check valves with a quick-closing feature to inhibit flow reversal.

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