Flange Butterfly Valves

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Flange butterfly valves come with a raised surface on the valve fitting that is mated to a facing groove, and this makes the connection between valves stronger and suitable for heavy-duty piping applications. With high-quality materials and optimized design, our valves work well in commercial and industrial applications with extreme temperatures.


DomBor Valve’s dedicated personnel operate within an advanced, safe factory that reaches quotas on time through our lean manufacturing. Our complete laboratory with high performance analyzers and non-destructive testing tools carries out thorough inspections to ensure every valve performs precisely within your specifications.

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DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

Flange Butterfly Valves Collection

Dombor is one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of a flanged butterfly valve and has been serving industries of all kinds. Our production processes are carried out systematically, and the parts are all sourced from world-class vendors to ensure quality.

Structure of Flange Butterfly Valve

Butterfly flange valves can instantly shut off a pipe and easily withstand high pressure, volumes, and temperatures. We manufacture them using several different materials like cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, or any other material. Though, metal is the most common material used.


The butterfly valve flange type has a straightforward structure and is highly advantageous because of its small volume, easy adjustment, and lightweight. It has a convenient opening and closing and helps save labor significantly. It is prone to transporting mud and can accumulate the least liquid at the mouth of the pipe. Under low pressures, one can easily achieve good sealing.

Some of the significant components of the flange butterfly valve include;

The flanged end butterfly valve produced at our manufacturing unit is one of the most durable options and has excellent resistance. Its body can easily fit into the two pipe flanges. Butterfly valve double flange type is another choice that we produce for heavy-duty applications.

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flange butterfly valve 02

Why do you need flange butterfly valves?

Flanged-type butterfly valves make the best choice for highly heavy-duty applications. That said, it can easily bear tough and harsh environments. The stem retention design is unique and helps in efficient working. It is helpful in checking liquid and gas flow in all industries. It is efficient for throttling services as well and is hence used for the best results.