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Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close actions. Due to the selection of top-quality raw materials, Dombor butterfly valves are made to last, reducing future costs and minimizing the need for repeated maintenance.

As a butterfly valve manufacturer, DomBor Valve’s factory uses advanced processing machinery to produce industrial butterfly valves that adapt to your specifications. Passing through quality testing in every stage, our butterfly valve varieties have earned API 609, API 607, SIL3, CE, ISO 15848-1 and GOST certification, making use stand out from other butterfly valves suppliers. As such, they work well for chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications.

Product Features


Industrial Butterfly Valves Manufactured By Dombor

Butterfly valves manufacturer Dombor takes into account various industries’ needs, such as thermal power plants and cryogenic applications by creating butterfly valves that can handle temperatures of -40°C to 800°C. In order to meet different working temperatures, pressure, and demand, Dombor manufactures various types of butterfly valves for different industries.

Efficient sealing makes our valves more convenient to open and close, along with enhancing their overall performance.

A low fugitive emissions design and high temperature resistance makes our valves more fit for extreme cycling applications.

Used in low pressure applications, our concentric valves come with flexible seat rubbers for easier flow control.

Made easy to install due to the wide range of different sizes, wafer-style butterfly valves come with multiple centering holes and open and close quickly during pneumatic actuation.

Providing a safe alternative to most valves, lug-style valves contain threaded bolts all around and can be applied as the end-of-line service.


DomBor excels in producing custom-made flange butterfly valves desired by your industry for optimum performance and longer periods of service.


Applied in extreme pressure environments, this valve type comes with metal seating that resists cracking and degeneration caused by high temperatures.

What are Dombor Butterfly Valves used for?

China valve manufacturer Dombor constructs butterfly valves for various industries, and their working temperatures, pressure, and first-class fireproof design are able to meet below-demanding industrial applications.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas industry

High-performance butterfly valves are widely used in the oil and gas industry due to their capability to deliver a high degree of durability and reliability to ensure long service and low maintenance needs of pipelines in oil and gas applications.

Water industry

Water Treatment & Distribution

Butterfly valves are also used in water supply, collection, distribution, and pumping stations because of their capacity to restrict and isolate the flow of fluids. These applications usually make use only of double offset and triple offset butterfly valves.


Cryogenic Butterfly Valves

Generally, cryogenic butterfly valves are used on processes concerning liquefied gases like oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). They can also be used in fuel gas supply systems (FGSS) and LNG engines or gas turbines.

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

DomBor Butterfly Valve

Industrial Butterfly Valves101

A butterfly valve is a machine tool that regulates, restricts, or stops the pressure and flow of gases, liquids, or slurries through a piping system. The valve system operations occur through the opening, closing, or partly blocking different pathways. 

This mechanical equipment is used in several industries, including oil and gas, water treatment, and more. Let’s find out more about the significance of industrial butterfly valves in many industrial applications and why they are widely used compared to other valve types.


What is a butterfly valve?

An industrial butterfly valve is used to regulate both liquid and gas flow through pipes. It is a type of quarter-turn motion valve that can open and close whenever the rotating disc is turned at ninety degrees. Moreover, a butterfly valve is used in several industries due to its compatibility, reliability, and low maintenance features.

In fact, there is a substantial reliance rate on the industrial butterfly valve industry because of its extensive utilization in different applications. This includes the automation, wastewater treatment, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical segments.

Industrial Butterfly Valves Components

Basically, butterfly valves consist of four main parts: body, disc, stem, and seat. Each segment has a vital function.

triple offset butterfly valve 02


Butterfly valves have bodies that can fit between two pipe flanges and the most common body structures are wafer and lug. The lug’s body has protruding lugs that present bolt holes matching those in the pipe flange. On the other hand, a wafer’s body does not contain protruding lugs. Instead, the wafer is sandwiched between pipe flanges, then the flange bolts surround its body.

flange butterfly valve


The stem part could be a one-piece or two-piece shaft structure. It is protected from the media in most resilient seated designs, allowing an efficient material selection concerning cost and mechanical properties. On the contrary, the stem is in contact with the media in high-performance butterfly valve designs.

high performance butterfly valve 08


The disc is a moveable part that allows and restricts flow through the valve, rotating in one quarter-turn or ninety degrees. Thus, it is the flow closure in a butterfly valve, the counterpart of a plug when it comes to a plug valve, a ball in an industrial ball valve, or a gate in a gate valve.

metal seated butterfly valve 02


The seat is a surface inside the body that comes into contact with the disc to provide a tight shutoff. It can be a fireproof seat, resilient seat, or metal seat used to prevent compressed fluids or combustion gasses from getting into the manifold.

Butterfly Valves Advantages & Disadvantage

Like other types of industrial valves, butterfly valves have their benefits and downsides.


Butterfly valves are lightweight and only require smaller space compared to other industrial valves in the business. Due to its compatibility, it is manageable and only needs a ninety-degree rotation of the handle to support a full opening or closing of the valve. Also, manufactured by a reliable industrial valve supplier, it is high-performing, it is easy to maintain and very cost-efficient.


Butterfly valves’ disc part tends to face the flow even if it is fully opened, leading to a pressure switch over the valve. Also, choked flow and possible cavitation are a worry when industrial butterfly valves perform. Moreover, there are instances that they have a poor sealing function, and throttling is restricted to low-pressure drop applications.

Types of Butterfly Valves for Your Business

Dombor, as a butterfly valve manufacturer, supplies custom valves for your business need. There are main types of butterfly valves. First is the rubber-lined valve, which is less expensive compared to other types. Then there are plastic-lined valves are used for sanitary and abrasive applications. On the other hand, the metal types are utilized for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

Butterfly Valves by Body Types

Here are the different butterfly valves segmented by body types.

bullet list


A wafer style butterfly valve features two or more centering holes to support installation between pipes. They are widely used since they are lighter and cheaper.

bullet list


A lug style features threaded metal bolts around the entire body. Its main application is to connect and disconnect piping systems – from one side without distributing on the other side of the system. A lug style can replace a wafer valve. However, you can’t switch from a lug to a wafer.

bullet list


Flange butterfly valves are known for their large sizes. They are used for various methods of piping connection. These types have raised or winged edges in the enclosure so that they can be fastened in between two pipes.

bullet list


Flange butterfly valves are known for their large sizes. They are used for various methods of piping connection. These types have raised or winged edges in the enclosure so that they can be fastened in between two pipes.

bullet list


The welded butterfly valve is used for very high-pressure operations. Since most plastic-lined valves are very limited to PN10/16 (150#) flanges, the welded butterfly valve is rarely seen with plastic-lined valves. So, this type is typically made from stainless steel, aluminum, or bronze elements.

wafer butterfly valve 01
triple offset butterfly valve 01

Butterfly Valves by Disc Alignment

Butterfly valves are also categorized by their disc alignments. Here’s zero, double, and triple offset.

bullet list

Zero Offset

Zero offset butterfly valves are what we know as rubber seated or resilient seated butterfly valves. These valves feature a central structure of its stem, disc, and body aligned in the same position. Thus, it is easy to manufacture because of its simple design.

bullet list

Double Offset

Double offset butterfly valves, also known as high-performance butterfly valves, are used in many applications nowadays. Consider these types as an improved and better version of valves compared to the design and features of single offset butterfly valves.

bullet list

Triple Offset

Triple offset butterfly valves are designed based on the design of a double offset butterfly valve. Apparently, there are three offsets in triple offset butterfly valves. Two are situated in identical positions similar to a double offset butterfly valve. Then there is the third offset, which is geometrically aligned on the seating surface.

Why Choose Dombor Industrial Butterfly Valves?

Dombor, as a butterfly valves supplier, is committed to providing the best valves to our clients, whether you are purchasing a single valve or a wholesale order, we can guarantee the quality of the valve and deliver it in the shortest possible time.


Ensure Safety

Our products and services comply with international standards and specifications to make sure that we only produce the best and highest quality products and services to our clients.


Customization Service

We offer tailor-made industrial valves to ensure that our product fits your application standards and demand. Dombor is ISO, API, MSS, and ASME compliant to guarantee you the highest product quality.

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

As a business partner, Dombor makes sure that we commit to our clients’ requested deadline because we very much understand the importance of adhering to the timeline required.

After sale

After-Sale Service

Dombor’s service does not end once our products are being delivered. Also, we offer warranties and provide customer service to our clients as part of our quality service.

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Generating high-quality valve solutions requires a deep insight into market needs. DomBor Valve, as a reliable valve manufacturer, relies on a trusted supply network, the latest production, and assembly machinery, along with digital design capabilities and 20 years of industry experience.

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