V Port Ball Valves

Expertly-Engineered V-Port Ball Valves

Readily used as a control valve, our V-port ball valves come with 15°-90° angled openings for easier control and efficient mitigation of pressure drops for straighter flows.  Controlling or shutting off flow from two directions, our V-port valves work well with gas applications and reduce the need for added valves, decreasing costs.


Committed to advancing valve R&D, our team uses the latest software design platforms to create unique valve styles that work for the market. Through our production and testing, we guarantee that our V-port ball valves function under difficult conditions and offer you greater convenience.

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V Port Ball Valves

Ball valves provide you with durable sealing. Thus, it is an excellent gas application that needs tight shutoff. It has either a ‘v-shaped body of the ball or ‘v’ shape designed seat. This allows the opening to be closed or opened in a controlled way, making the linear flow characteristic closer.


 Such a type of ball valve is also known as a control valve because the flow velocity needs to be controlled according to the application. Dombor is a leading V port ball valve manufacturer that provides quality products such as v ball control valves in an affordable range. 

Structure of a V port ball valve:

Integral structure of the valve body:

Valves are side-mounted in both flag type or folder type V port balls. These valves have a robust rigidity, and therefore you do not need to worry about deformation and leakage.

The upper & lower self-lubricating bearings:

Both the upper and lower bearing if v port ball valves are self-lubricating. These are installed inside the valve body. The bearing has a large contact area with the valve stem. Hence, it has a high load capacity and a low friction coefficient. It also helps to reduce the torque of the valve.

Metallic hard sealing

Durable chromium is plated on the sphere, and the hard alloy is welded on the sealing valve seat that goes through hardening treatment like ion nitriding to enhance the life of the v port ball valve.

PTFE soft-sealing

PTFE valve seats have a great sealing performance as well as corrosion resistance.

v port ball valve

Why does one need a V Port ball valve?

V port ball valves have many applications and markets. For example, these markets include transmission & storage, gas processing, and the industrial sector. V port ball valves are also used in the treatment of water, processing of foods in industry, transferring of acid in factories, agriculture, processing of waste, and pharmaceuticals. The stable flow control of V port ball valves facilitates such diverse applications of these ball valves.


Therefore, V port ball valves are suitable for the control of systems containing fiber & solid particles and liquid media such as acid, water, & others.