Trunnion Ball Valves

Core Functional Trunnion Ball Valves

Welding the inside of the stuffing box and the contact surfaces between the valve body, seat and stem with a layer of stainless steel prevents rusting and resolves the issue of excess torque. At the same time, we can offer a PMSS soft and hard combined sealing structure to help improve valve performance. Additionally, our valves come with a lock device and an anti-static and anti-flying design to ensure stability.


Complying with API 608, API 6D, ASME B16.34, and BS5351 standards, our valves are manufactured with a fire safe design that makes them fit for harsh environments.

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Trunnion Ball Valve

A trunnion ball valve is an important device used to regulate the flow of fluids such as gas, oil or steam in a pipeline. A trunnion ball valve consists of a sphere-shaped disk at the center. It rotates to regulate the flow cycle. Some of these valves also come with an anti-static, anti-flying and lock device which ensures stability. We are a leading trunnion ball manufacturer and provide high quality and durable products.

Trunnion ball valve structure

The structure of a trunnion ball valve is as follows:

trunnion mounted ball valve 01
trunnion mounted ball valve 04

Why do you need a Trunnion ball valve?

The trunnion ball valve is a versatile and very useful device. Since they are so versatile, they are used in several industries. Besides, they can also be used for several applications like skids. This device is extremely suitable for high pressure, low temperature and large scale applications.