Top Entry Ball Valves

Conveniently-Designed Top-Entry Ball Valves

Made with cast steel bodies, our top-entry ball valves come as a single structure that is thoroughly tested for its durability. For added convenience, a removable bonnet cover ensures easy access to valve internals for immediate assembly or maintenance at any stage.


The latest casting techniques, CNC and assembly machinery enable the complex production of our top-entry ball valves. Having many years of experience, our engineers construct highly functional top-entry valves with a deep understanding of working with the steel material. 

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

Premium Top Entry Ball Valve Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying top entry ball valves, industrial valve supplier Dombor has been distinguished from its peers as a top tier producer in the global market. Using our 5 production lines, we painstakingly undergo a series of processing stages and quality check control in order to ensure only superior products are supplied to clients worldwide. Our top entry ball valves adhere to all international standards with certifications from regulatory organizations like ISO, CE, EA, etc


Motorized Ball Valve Vs. Solenoid Valve

Features of Top Entry Ball Valve


  • Low operating torques
  • Double block and bleed capability 
  • Low-pressure safety design
  • Ease of disassembly
  • Anti Blowout stem design 
  • Low-friction
  • Inline direction repair 
  • CE marking 

Advantages of Top Entry Ball Valve

As one professional China valve manufacturer, these are the benefits you’ll get from our products.

  • To keep the integrity of the valve, the top entry resilient-seated ball valves are designed to be replaced inline.
  • Memory seal seats of the valve helps fight against any wear occurrence.
  • Top entry ball valve self-adjusting seats compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations.
  • Compared to side entry ball valve, the top entry ball valve in-line design ensures ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Compact volume and lightweight, making it easier to handle.

Applications of Dombor Top Entry Ball Valve

Over the last 2 decades, Dombor has been a prominent top-entry ball valve manufacturer supplying superior valves. Having fulfilled all requirements, our top entry ball valves are duly certified, serving as the lead for competitors to imitate. 


With the increase in usage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) across several oil and gas sectors, the top entry ball valve has become a major device needed to control the flow of media. 

Pipeline Industry

Top entry ball valves manufactured at Dombor factory are designed to minimize the pressure loss that could result from media flow. Many pipeline industries put this into use in their daily operations.

Refinery and Petrochemical Industry

For many industries who specialize in crude oil processing, sturdy equipment like top drive, seperators, and top entry ball valves are needed to ensure that oil extracted and processed remain in their purest form.

Wastewater Treatment

Our top entry ball valves help in regulating water treatment, as well as separating slurries and impurities. These valves also control the water pressure level to prevent air pockets.

Marine and Ship

Most ships on the seas and oceans run on high-pressure water. Our top entry ball valves are used in these applications to provide a seal against high-pressure and high-temperature fluids.

Power Generation

Valves from Dombor top entry ball valve supplier are also useful in power companies to ensure safe power generation processes and reduced leakage risk. 

20+ Years of Experience As a China Top Entry Ball Valve Manufacturer 

Dombor is one of the most reliable industrial ball valve manufacturers and top entry ball valve suppliers that continuously meet the exact needs of clients across the world. Below are some reasons why you should choose us as your preferred top-entry ball valve manufacturer. 

Tailor-made Valve Solution

We provide various top entry ball valve customization options for our clients in the global market. These options offer precise solutions to meet your desired requirements.


Being a one-stop service provider, we manufacture various types of valves, v-port ball valves and floating ball valves included.


Our top entry ball valves are designed under strict procedure to follow all international standards.

Fast Delivery

Unlike other companies that do not take time as utmost concern, we ensure the products of our clients get delivered to them within the specified time.

After Sales Service

Even after delivery, our clients' satisfaction still remains our priority. We offer extra benefits like warranties and round-the-clock good customer service.

Top Entry Ball Valves Collection

Many top entry ball valve manufacturers in the market offer top entry ball valves. But what are they? A top entry ball valve is similar to a globe valve that assembles the ball from the top end. Generally, the top entry ball valves are made up of cast metal. Therefore, certain additional NDE tests would be required to ensure that the ball is manufactured properly through casting. Dombor offers the best quality top entry ball valves. 

What are top entry ball valves?

Ball valves are generally used in oil & gas pipelines. These top entry ball valves are also used in oil, chemical, chemical, metallurgical, refining, petrochemical, electrical, nuclear, and paper machinery. Due to different operating conditions and extreme environmental conditions, a typical ball valve is not enough, as the system demands high performance. With the help of the top entry structure, one can easily remove the ball valve from the valve line when replacing the seat. Also, it is easy to check and maintain the side entry ball valve.

Structure of a top entry Ball Valve

Valve Body

The valve body is the core of the valve. It contains all the components for switching off or switching on the control.


The ball is designed with a center hole known as a bore, so the media flows through it. The direction of the ball can be controlled by turning the stem.


The stem is used for connecting the ball with the control mechanism.


Packing is a seal around the stem that prevents the media from escaping.


Bonnet is that body part that consists of the stem and packing.

top entry ball valve 04

Why do you need a Top Entry ball valve?

Top entry ball valves are used in industrial systems with a top entry and a line maintenance feature. It has many advantages: low fluid resistance, simple and elegant design, compact volume, very lightweight, reliable salting, and ease of repair and control. It can also be opened and closed easily and can be started and closed flexibly.

 We at Dombor are a top entry ball valve manufacturer. We offer a variety of ball valves, such as top entry floating ball valves.

Top Entry Ball Valve Designs

Top entry ball valves are made of cast steel bodies. This feature is attributed to its ability to withstand high pressure and temperature. Also, they are available in different sizes ranging from NPS ½ to NPS 60 consisting of either full-bore or reduced-bore valve balls.

Unlike other types of valves, they are used in various forms of applications like pneumatic, hydraulic, amongst others. Maximum safety is ensured as the valve operates at low torque and with a smooth gliding movement. 

Ball Valve 3

How Does Top Entry Ball Valve Work?


To let the fluid flow in, the bore of top entry ball valve is positioned in the direction of the conduit, leaving the valve in an open position. At this point, the stem starts to go down and the channels machined on it rotates 90 degrees, making the ball turn too. To stop the fluid from flowing, the valve bore is positioned in the opposite direction.

Top Entry Ball Valves

Source: Dombor

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