Split Body Ball Valves

Efficient Split-Body Ball Valves Producer

A split-body valve comes in a two-to-three-piece form, consisting of a ball, stem, seat rings and other components held by smaller parts inside the larger body. Made of durable metal material that is tested for its resistance qualities, our split-body ball valves are guaranteed to withstand corrosive fluids and abrasive substances.


For years, we have developed advanced equipment and techniques to facilitate the accurate production of uniquely designed split-body ball valves. Through our flexible after-sales service, we offer replaceable components for free, courtesy of our 2-year warranty policy.

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Structure of the Split Body Ball Valve

Ball valves are the most powerful tool, compact in size, and enact as the catalyst for several essential processes.

The ball valves contain different parts that ensure flawless operations.

The Valve Body

This is the most crucial part of any valve, and it contains all the other components of the tool that can switch on/off the control.

The Ball

In this type of ball valve, the ball's body is designed so that it can be divided into two and has a hole in the center. It has a stem attached that controls the direction of the ball.

The Stem

helps connect the ball to the external control mechanism.

Power Source

Either actuated or the ball valve uses manual power sources to rotate the valve's stem.

The Seat

It refers to the disc that is placed between the ball and the body. It helps provide a seal between the two and supports the ball.

The Bonnet

It is another significant component of the ball valve body. It contains the stem and the packing.

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All our products are highly suitable for heavy-duty applications as well. 

Why Do You Need a Split Ball Valve?

A split body ball valve has a body that can be divided into smaller portions. That said, it can split into 2 or 3 pieces in the same place as the valve flanges. People opt for this kind of ball valve because of its ease of maintenance. They are suitable for a large number of applications as well. 


We deal in quality split body ball valves to ensure the desired results. The ball valves at our unit are engineered specifically for heavy-duty applications of all kinds. They also prove to be the most effective solutions in high-pressure working conditions. 

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