Side Entry Ball Valves

Providing You Precision-Made Side-Entry Ball Valves

With a more reasonable structure design, our side-entry ball valves come with a two-to-three-piece assembly. As such, our valves are easier to assemble, save space, and thus more affordable with fewer installation processes involved.


DomBor Valve’s supply network gives us ample raw materials. In our multiple processing centers and production lines, we carry out complete construction of our durable valves. A full-performance spectrum analyzer and our impact and tensile testing tools determine the rigidity of our steel valves to optimize their efficiency.

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Side Entry Ball Valves Collection

A side entry ball valve is a simple turn-on/off device with a ball at the center of its structure. This ball controls the flow of the liquid or any other medium inside the pipe. The body of a side entry valve is divided into 2-3 parts. The main components of the valve are the stem, seat rings, and ball. These main components are held together by several smaller parts, such as bolts. The side entry ball valve is often confused with the top entry ball valve; however, these two are very different. 


A side ball valve generally has a 2-3 piece assembly and is very easy to assemble compared to other valves such as top entry ball valves. These valves also have a longer lead time because of the casting operation at manufacturing them.

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Side ball valve structure

These ball valves are generally made up of forged steel bodies. Let us have a look at their structure now:

side entry ball valve 02
side entry ball valve 01

Why do you need a side Entry ball valve?

A side entry ball valve is a very compact and economical device used in several industries. Some industries that use ball valves are oil and gas, power processing, automotive, vehicle wash system, irrigation and water treatment equipment, and many others. A side entry ball valve is used in various industries because it is durable, versatile, and less prone to damage, and hence it has a long service life.