Rising Stem Ball Valves

Durable Rising-Stem Ball Valves

The valve stems of rising-stem ball valves (also called ORBIT ball valves) are pushed and pulled, which minimizes contact and reduces wear and tear. Fit for the oil and gas industry, our rising-stem ball valves come with a metal or soft seat to keep leakage and contamination from happening.


Through our CNC and production machinery, we manufacture valves with your specifications that have been agreed upon through our thorough consultations. As they are used under frequent cycling, our rising-stem valves are tested thoroughly to ensure they are made to last.

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Rising Stem Ball Valves

Rising Stem Ball Valve, popularly known as RSBV, is the base for any gas or oil industry because it is the best to prevent wastage or leakage.


The Rising Stem ball valve structure contains one seat, which is not friction in nature and is specially designed for a very long period that can provide services in extreme conditions like fluctuations of temperature, extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

Dombor is a leading rising stem ball valve manufacturer that ensures friction-free operations, does not require any maintenance of the machinery, comes with high-class designs, is available with guides, and comes with self-cleaning systems. It is made up of approximately 21 parts, out of which some are enlisted here:

The ball valve stem that we manufacture and develop is used worldwide for cosmetics, chemicals, marine, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, etc. Our focus is to cope with the advancement in technologies and expand our operations in the market so that the demand in the market is fulfilled successfully.

rising stem ball valve 01
rising stem ball valve 02

Why do you need a Rising Stem Ball Valve?

RSBV or the long stem ball valve is mainly used for processing gas, various services like cycling, on sieves which are molecular, and gas treatments used for various dehydrating units. They are generally used for providing services for a longer tenure and do not require any servicing.

It is generally used in dirty services, smooth operations of flowlines, transfer of hot fluids and liquids, segregation of products, shutdown emergency services, isolation of meters, etc.


Dombor is well-known for the highest quality of ball valves used for the longest tenure period. We are dedicated to providing the best of services and products which are unique and durable.