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Hydraulic fluid is compressed to create pressure onto the pistons, resulting in the movement of our hydraulic actuated valve’s stem. The mechanism of our hydraulic actuated valves allows for optimum output capacity, superior throttling capabilities, and stiff actuator movement.


DomBor Valve is a trusted hydraulic actuated valve manufacturer with its certified factory producing 100 million items per year. With our fully equipped machining centers and workshops, we can accomplish bulk orders of hydraulic actuated valves with a short lead time during peak seasons.

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Hydraulic actuated valves are mechanical tools used to regulate the fluid flow within a hydraulic circuit or system. They can be used to completely close a line, redirect pressurized fluid, or control the flow level to a certain area. Dombor Valve is a trusted hydraulic valve manufacturer with its certified factory producing 100 million items per year. With the help of our advanced tools and workshops, we can accomplish bulk orders of hydraulic actuators with short lead times, even during peak seasons.

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How does a hydraulic valve work?

Apparently, you can use hydraulic actuators to switch at a particular pressure or adjust the direction and fluid flow. Surprisingly, all valves operate differently when it comes to the hydraulic system.


For instance, check valves allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the other direction. On the other hand, the directional control valves pass on the pressure medium in an orderly manner to a particular direction. Then there are the pressure control valves that switch or control at a specific pressure. Another, the flow control valves do flow regulation by adjusting the bores’ size.

Hydraulic Valve Types

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valves

A hydraulic pressure relief valve regulates the fluid pressure passing through hydraulic systems to maintain pressure at desired levels as determined by the system operator. Fluid systems are typically designed for operation at a set range of pressures. 

Pressure relief valves serve a crucial role in preventing pressure rising, resulting in hydraulic fluid leaks or the bursting of pipes and tubing. Moreover, they are applied to control pressure in a part of a hydraulic system. There are different pressure control valves used in hydraulic circuits, such as relief valves, reducing valves, counterbalance valves,  sequence valves, and unloading valves.

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Hydraulic Actuated Valves

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

A hydraulic flow control valve is used to adjust the flow rate of hydraulic fluid in a hydraulic system. This flow control valve has a port that can be adjusted to change the flow area as an alteration of the valve flow rate. What’s more, it can be applied in control circuits for devices like cylinders, motors, or actuators. This is because the speed of motion of these devices is a direct function of flow rate, and reducing the flow rate decreases the speed of their operation and vice versa.


There are various types of hydraulic flow control valves: fixed flow control valves, throttling flow control valves, adjustable flow control valves, and pressure compensated flow control valves.

Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

A hydraulic directional control valve is utilized to route hydraulic fluid in a system to different devices as required. For instance, the hydraulic control valve can shift between discrete positions, like extend, retract, or neutral functions for controlling a hydraulic cylinder. It can also change into intermediate states, wherein you can apply it to manage an actuator’s direction, speed, or acceleration.

An example of a discrete hydraulic directional control valve is a binary valve that passes or blocks fluid flow. On the flip side, a check valve uses a plunger, ball, or poppet to seal a seat once fluid attempts to pass in the other direction of flow from what is desired.

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Dombor is China’s most reliable hydraulic valve supplier. We have a dependable supply network, and we provide the newest production and assembly machinery.

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Dombor supports many industrial applications because we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality hydraulic actuated valves, including pressure relief, flow control, and directional control valves.

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We manufacture custom hydraulic valves to ensure that our industrial valve products fit your application standards and demand.


Our industrial valve products and services adhere to the international certifications granted to us. This is a guarantee we only produce the best and highest quality products and services to our clients.

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Generating high-quality valve solutions requires a deep insight into market needs. DomBor Valve, as a reliable valve manufacturer, relies on a trusted supply network, the latest production, and assembly machinery, along with digital design capabilities and 20 years of industry experience.

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