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Heavy-Duty Electric Actuated Valves

By using electrical energy, the motorized actuator on our industrial valve creates mechanical torque to turn the valve stem. Each of our electric actuated valves has a compact and space-saving design thanks to its motor actuator dimension and the absence of a supply pressure pipe.


DomBor Valve specialists work closely with you in finding the right appearance, material, and processing methods as well as utilizing our mold for your electric actuated valves. The personalized service ensures our industrial valve can achieve your business goals.

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DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.

Electric Actuated Valve Manufacturer- Dombor

Electric valve actuators are electro-mechanical devices used to control valves, such as ball and butterfly valves remotely. Electric actuated valves offer a more energy-efficient, clean, and quiet valve control method than their pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts.


As your electric actuator valve manufacturer, Dombor creates a compact and space-saving design, and we ensure our specialists work closely with our clients to put their vision into reality. Our electric actuators can be purchased with the valve as a package or as a separate unit. So buy your electric valves here at Dombor!

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Electric Valve vs. Solenoid Valve

It is pretty tricky to pinpoint the distinction between electric and solenoid valves. Still, their differences are crucial to know, especially when you plan to use them in particular applications. They are generally utilized in all kinds of applications. These range from consumer products, industrial products, medical products, and even military applications.


Electric motors drive electric actuated valves to produce the valve action. Apparently, they come in two models, the motorized shut-off valves and electric regulating valves. Then, shut-off valves fall under two classifications, which are fully open and fully closed. Control valves are commonly installed over electric valves through a closed-loop regulation to get increased stability.

On the other hand, solenoid valves are operated electromagnetically to overcome spring pressure and drive the spool action of the rotating coil. Here, the solenoid valve serves as a light switch but for a different operation.

Switching Process

Electric valves are driven through motors and heavily rely on analog adjustments. As a result, the on-off action in these valves may take some time for completion.

On the flip side, solenoid valves have shorter operation time-driven due to the use of coils.


Electric valves are applied to regulate and switch systems such as fan coil ends, whereas solenoid valves are suitable for specific requirements, like leak control and dealing with special fluids.

Practical Uses

Electric valves are utilized to simulate liquid, gaseous, and wind system piping through AI controls. What’s more, you can also use them in combinations of two or more valves to work with massive valve operations. However, solenoid valves are used either in liquid or gas control by simply using an electric current via the solenoid.

Why Choose Dombor Automated Valve?

Dombor is one of the most reliable electric actuator valve suppliers in the market. Since we have a reliable supply network, we offer the latest industrial valves.

Variety & Quality

Dombor supports many industrial applications because we manufacture an extensive range of high-quality electric actuated valves.

Customization service

We manufacture custom electric actuated valves to make sure that our industrial valve products fit your application standards and demand.


Our industrial valve products and services adhere to international certificates and tests. This is a guarantee we only manufacture the best and highest quality valves and services to our clients.

How does an electric actuator valve work

An electric actuator valve is a machine that uses an electric motor to control the movement of valves. The electric motor is the main component in the actuator valve and its main work is to convert electricity into rotary or linear motion.


The motor consists of a gear train, an armature, and electrical winding. When the electric motor is connected to the power supply, the armature will begin to rotate. It stops immediately after the motor is disconnected from the power supply. The gear train is attached to the motor, and it helps to dictate the valve output speed.


For smooth operations, it is very essential to source valves from licensed electric actuator valve manufacturers– Dombor.

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Benefits of electric actuator valves

Electric actuator valves are used in different industries because of the several benefits it provides. An electric operated valve is a machine that is used to regulate the movement of the valve system to improve process efficiency. Many industries depend on electric valves for operation because they offer accurate positioning and control.

  • Easy to install
  • Low failure rate
  • Enable industrial automation
  • Accurate control and positioning
  • Energy savings and cost efficiency
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Accurate performance even at high speed

Features of electric actuator valves

If you are looking for the best actuator to use for applications that require two or more points of positioning, then you should consider using an electric actuator valve. This system is preferable to a pneumatic actuator because it can operate under extreme environmental conditions. An electric actuator valve consists of a motor that enables valve automation.


  • It has a limit and torque sensors
  • DC or AC motor for valve automation
  • Switch gears for controlling the electric motor
  • Handwheel for manual operation
  • Gearing for reducing high output speed

Dombor is an electric actuator valve supplier having various partnerships from reputable electric actuator value manufacturers across the world. All stakeholders in the electric actuator valve supply chain can benefit from their quality service.

Types of electric actuators for valves

In industrial valve company Dombor, there are several types of electric actuators for valves, but the two major types are linear and rotary actuators. Each of these actuators uses different valves.

Linear electric valve actuators

Linear electric valve actuators


This type of electric valve actuator is used with a diaphragm, globe, pinch, gate, and angle valves. The angle valve comes with a stem that closes and opens the valve. They are suitable for tight tolerances operations.

Rotary electric valve actuators

Rotary electric valve actuators

Rotary actuators are used with plug, ball, and butterfly valves. They are commonly used in high-power switching gears, packaging applications, and the electric power industry. If you are ready to buy an electric actuator valve or any type of valve –industrial ball valve,triple offset butterfly valve,double block and bleed ball valve, please contact us atDombor; the ultimate electric actuator valve supplier.

Are you in need of an electric actuator valve supplier for your production line? Look no more, Dombor has various collaborations with many electric actuator valve manufacturers and can supply all types of valves you may need.

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Generating high-quality valve solutions requires a deep insight into market needs. DomBor Valve, as a reliable valve manufacturer, relies on a trusted supply network, the latest production, and assembly machinery, along with digital design capabilities and 20 years of industry experience.

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