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Long-Lasting Actuated Valves

Actuators are the main feature of our actuated valves that utilizes gas or hydraulic pressure as well as electricity to control the flow. Certain types of actuators allow for the flow or the position of the valve to be controlled remotely from a central control room.


DomBor’s actuated valves are made from branded materials that are sourced from trusted suppliers, resulting in cost-efficient industrial valves with optimized leakproof and low supply pressure qualities. You can find pneumatic actuated valves, electric actuated valves, and hydraulic actuated valves in our selections of industrial valve solutions.

Product Features


Actuated Valves

Air pressure pushes down on the actuator’s spring or piston diaphragm to operate the actuated valve’s stem and control the flow.

With an electric motor within the mechanism, the actuator motor can close or open our functional actuated valve without generating noise. 

Each of our hydraulic actuated valves, including gate valves and globe valves, uses fluid pressure to create a linear or quarter-turn movement of the valve.

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