Industrial Valves

We Bring Impactful Industrial Valve Solutions

Industrial valves are essential for managing the flow of various mediums such as water, oil, chemicals, and gas. Each valve is required to handle intense pressure from the flow as well as handle intense temperature and corrosive substances.


To address the strict requirements of the market on industrial valves, each DomBor valve is made through our strict QA system. For specific industry and medium requirements, we create unique valves with a specific appearance, material, and processing technology. DomBor Valve offers a one-stop shop for all your valve needs with our extensive selection of butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, check valves, and much more. The valve solutions we provide can accomplish your business goals with minimum effort, time, and costs.

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High Quality Industrial Valves

Lightweight and compact, our butterfly valves can be integrated with large-diameter pipes that handle liquid and gas mediums. The butterfly valves we have include high-performance butterfly valves, triple-offset butterfly valves, and flange butterfly valves.

You can find floating ball valves, way ball valves, port ball valves, and many more in our product offering. Each of our ball valves has a compact and lightweight design, making them compatible with various piping systems.


The range of DomBor gate valves we provide includes wedge gate valves, slab gate valves, and knife gate valves. Gate valves we produce are constructed to allow the medium’s flow to pass through without obstruction as well as to restrict it entirely.

Select from our complete range of check valves for any business requirements including our swing check valves and lift check valves. Each of our check valves is designed to maintain intense pressure and prevent backflow.


Complete any project with our full range of globe valves, including straight pattern globe valves and angle globe valves. Globe valves we provide have versatile usage and have optimum full-closing quality.


From eccentric plug valves to sleeved plug valves, DomBor offers a wide range of plug valves for any piping system. Each of these plug valves achieves a tight seal and immediate on/off operation.


DomBor Valve produces pneumatic actuated valves, electric actuated valves, and hydraulic actuated valves for different piping systems. Each actuated valve can be adjusted for different piping conditions and is easy to maintain.

The one-stop-shop selection of industrial valves we offer includes needle valves, cryogenic valves, lined valves, and many more. Every valve is made to handle intense pressure and allow for easy flow maintenance thanks to its construction.

Application Cases

Every valve we construct is intended for various industries, which is why each product features superior working temperature, exceptional corrosion-resistant qualities, and a first-class fireproof design that minimizes fugitive emissions.


DomBor takes into account various industries’ needs, such as those with extreme temperature conditions, like thermal power plants and steam pipe systems by creating valves that can handle the temperature of 800°C. The experience and knowledge we have in the industry ensure that we deliver a suitable industrial valve solution that will help you achieve your business goals.

giant gas-pipes

Petrochemical Plants

  • Brine, CO2 Vapor
  • Propylene Plants
  • Steam System
  • Propane Gas
  • Flare Inlet
  • Ethylene Plants
  • Ethylene Crack Device
  • Coker Plants
Distributor of central heating

Central Heating Supply

  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Heat Exchange Station
  • Regional Boiler Factory
  • Hot Water Pipe Network
  • Steam Pipe Network
Oil and Gas Industrial zone

Fossil Power Plants

  • Pump Isolation
  • Condenser Cooling
  • Pump and Steam Extraction Isolation
  • Exchanger, Condenser Cooling Isolation
Nuclear power plant

Nuclear Power Plants

  • Container Isolation
  • Saltwater System
  • Core Spray System
  • Pump Isolation
  • Seawater Desalination System
paper roll machine

Paper and Pulp

  • Steam Isolation, Boiler Water
  • Red and Black Liquid
  • Lime and Slurries
pipelines and valves


  • All Liquid Gas
  • Liquid and Natural Gas System
  • Field Recovery System
  • Gasification Plants and Storage
  • LNG Transportation System

The Lowest-Cost Strategy Is To Choose Reliable DomBor Valves.

DomBor Valve, with its experienced specialists, specializes in manufacturing industrial valves and provides technical support and one-stop solutions for the global market.