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Many Industrial applications require valves to control fluid flow to ensure there is no mess. Though numerous kinds of valves are available in the market, today, we will know the difference between the two similar but not so similar valves. They are Globe valves and Butterfly valves. One of the similarities shared by the globe valve and butterfly valve is that they help control the liquid flow in the pipeline. If you want to know some info about the differences between butterfly valve and globe valve, keep reading. 

What Is A Globe Valve?

actuated Globe Valve
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A disk is contained in the globe valve that moves in a straight line along the line of the seal to open or close the valve. One of the advantages of the globe valve is that the opening and closing distance of the stem is comparatively shorter. Hence, they are the ideal choice for throttling, adjusting, or cutting off the flow of the liquid. 

A versatile globe valve is a valve that helps regulate the flow of the fluid in a pipeline as per the desired requirement. It starts, regulates, and controls the flow of the liquid or gas whenever required. The valves have a spherical body with an unmovable ring seat and movable disc to provide enhanced performance. There is an internal baffle present in between that separates the two halves. 

The globe valve also has an opening that is stewed to help shut the valve. Globe valves are usually leveraged in systems where the drop of pressure through them is uncontrollable. This is because compared to the other valves, they have high-pressure drops. 

The bellows sealed globe valves are also useful and are used in several applications that don’t require a steady flow of liquid. Examples of such applications include boilers, water cooling systems, turbine oil systems, fuel oil systems, and much more. 

What Is A Butterfly Valve?

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
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When talking about the precision butterfly valves, it has a disc that rotates around the axis of its body. The structure and build of the butterfly valve are simple, light, and small. The butterfly valves open and close rapidly, and a rotation of only 90 degrees is enabled. Hence, this valve gives rapid and great control of the fluid media. The best part with the butterfly valve is that you can leverage it not only for fluids but also for fluids with solid particles and also powders. 

Butterfly valves also help regulate liquid flow. It also enables rapid shutoff of the liquid, and its mechanism is more or less similar to that of the ball valves. These valves are also called flap valves. They belong to the family of quarter turn valves since the disc can only be rotated in quarter turns, irrespective of if it is closed or open. 

The disc also has a rod that allows passage with the help of a quarter turn when the valve is closed. The main part of the valve is the butterfly or the metal disc placed here. 

Globe Valve vs Butterfly Valve

butterfly valve water control for industrial work
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Working Principles Comparision

When it comes to differences between globe valve and butterfly valve, the major distinction is in terms of their operation. The working of the globe and butterfly valves is different. Raising the globe valve’s steam, the valve either opens up or closes. This means that at the time of raising the stem, there is a rotation in the handwheel, and it gets lifted with the stem. 

On the other hand, with butterfly valves, there is a disk in the shape of a butterfly, and it gets rotated around its axis. The rotations help open or close the valve along with the required adjustment. It would help if you were mindful that the valve system drives the butterfly plate. This plate helps control the medium’s flow and also the deflection angle. 

Structure Differences between Globe Valve and Butterfly Valve

Another notable difference between globe valves and butterfly valves is their structure. To support different functions, their structure is different to ensure that the purpose is served. The globe valve first contains a stem, disc, handwheel, seat, bonnet, etc. After the opening of the globe valve, no connection is found between its disc and the sealing surface of its seat. 

On the contrary, the components of the butterfly valves are the butterfly plate, stem, sealing ring, and valve body. The body of its valve is shorter and has a cylinder shape. At the opening or the closing position, it is at less than 90 degrees. When fully opened, this particular valve displays minor resistance to the flow. Also, the butterfly valve and rod don’t contain the ability to self-lock.  Both the valves are quite popular in the valve industry.

Hence, it is necessary to install a reducer of the worm gear. This installation is beneficial as it provides the ability to self-lock the valves and helps stop the butterfly plate at any position. This, therefore, helps enhance the operational performance of the valve. 

Functionalities Differences 

Besides the structure and the working principles of butterfly and globe valves, the functions are different as well. The globe valves are accountable for the flow and cutting-off regulations. Whereas the butterfly valves help control the regulation of the flow, which usually includes the mud medium and the adjustments in throttling. 

Furthermore, the pressure loss in the pipeline’s butterfly valve is usually more significant than that of the gate valves. The loss of pressure of the butterfly valves is almost three times more than that of the globe valve. Hence, the users are recommended to take into account the loss of pressure in the pipeline system when the butterfly valve needs to be selected. 

Also, it is required to look for the operating temperature of the material of resilient seals at significantly higher temperatures. Considering the industrial butterfly valves, the diameters are usually larger than the other options and are only employed for high-temperature conditions. Also, they are reasonable options to control the fluid. All in all, butterfly valves are better options as they offer efficient work and better performances.

Benefits Of Globe Valves

  • The throttling capabilities of globe valves are higher than other options. 
  • These can also be used as stop check valves and similar other options. 
  • These valves have high shutoff capabilities as compared to the other options. 
  • They are easy to maintain. 
  • The stroke of globe valves is also low compared to the gate valves. 

Benefits of Butterfly Valves

mannual Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
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  • They are smaller in size, light in weight, and easy to maintain. 
  • The butterfly valves are highly recommended for pipeline systems since they are affordable compared to the other valve options. 
  • Also, the working of the butterfly valves is highly accurate and are so preferred to be used in industries and more.  
  • The installation process of these valves is easier compared to the other options. 
  • The valves are well founded and require little to low maintenance to last longer than expected. 

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  • The valves by Dombor enable on-time deliveries by achieving faster production. 
  • Has robust shut-off capability and tight sealing ability to ensure the regulation is proper? 
  • Enables efficient functionality of the linear motion for a consistent flow of media. 
  • Dombor offers a wide variety of customization options for a more personalised design. 

The valve choice will depend on your budget, objectives, and system. Hence, it would help if you carried out proper research before settling for something. Valves provided by Dombor are all highly efficient, of superior quality, and available at the best rates for people to buy them and enjoy the benefits. 

The Bottom Line

Above, we discussed some general differences between the different kinds of valves available in the market. The basic difference between Globe and butterfly valves is the flow of regulation, opening and closing of the pipe ends, or the small diameter pipe. On the contrary, butterfly valves are leveraged to open and close and also for the flow of regulation of the branch pipes. 

The globe valves are popular for showing resistance to the butterfly valves. Additionally, the sealing performance of the globe valves is undoubtedly better than that of the butterfly valves. Concerning the price of the valves available in the market, butterfly valves are on the higher end compared to globe valves. 

Though, there are some special butterfly valves available that cost less than the globe valves. Despite the different factors, the choice of valve depends on the nature of work for which you are looking for a valve in the industry.  Make sure to get in touch with a trustworthy valve manufacturer to get the best quality valves for your business requirements.