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What is Globe Valve used in Ship?

Globe Valve
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Globe valves, commonly found in marine applications, are linear motion valves that are designed to start, stop, and regulate flow. In some cases, specialized globe valves are also used for isolating and throttling functions. These valves exhibit higher pressure drops when compared to straight-through valves like ball and gate valves.

A globe valve used in ship will not vary much from a standard globe valve. This valve has a bulbous body shape and consists of two main parts – the valve seat and a disc. A globe valve is constructed in such a way that its valve seat and disc are perpendicular to the axle of the valve. To set the valve in the open position, the axle is turned to move the disc away from the valve seat.

The Main Function of a Marine Globe Valve

A globe valve can be used for three main purposes – to start the flow, to shut off flow completely, and to regulate media flow. By rotating the axle of a globe valve, a user can control media flow. This is why a globe valve is a good option for throttling function. In some cases, certain types of globe valve are also used as check or pressure relief valves. 

The primary function of marine globe valves is to prevent leakage and manage excess seawater onboard ships. The basic use of globe valve in ship is not to start or stop flow but to regulate fluid flow.

A Y pattern globe valve
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Globe valves can be of three types based on their construction – Z-body type valve, Y-body type, and Angle valve. Among these, the Z-body type globe valves are the most commonly used – these are preferred for applications that involve water flow. Y-body type valves are employed in situations where pressure resistance is a problem. Angle globe valves are more or less structured like Z-body valves but the diaphragm is a flat plate.

Common Applications of Onboard Globe Valves

Globe valves find several applications on board ships. Primarily, these valves are used to regulate seawater in bilge systems – these valves are installed in pipelines that connect to the emergency bilge suction lines. This is because these valves are responsible for pumping out excess seawater from ships. 

Also, the reason why global valves are used in bilge suction is that they work well where variable pressure is required.

A globe valve used on ships can also be used for many other applications:

  • Globe valves can serve as a non-return valve to prevent back flooding.
  • Some variants of globe valves are used in sewage and waste treatment onboard.
  • A globe valve used in ship prevents excess seawater from entering the ship.

Features of a Marine Globe Valve

Marine globe valves are similar to standard globe valves in many ways, but there are a few defining features that make the former a suitable choice for onboard applications. For instance, a globe valve used in ship is manufactured from materials that keep them durable even when the valves are in constant exposure to seawater. 

A bellow sealed globe valve offers zero leakage
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Here are a few defining characteristics of globe valves used in marine applications:

  • They come in 3 different variants, each of them offering special advantages.
  • Globe valves have excellent shut-off capability.
  • Compared to ball valves, the throttling capacity of a globe valve is better.
  • They are easy to manufacture, install, and maintain.
  • These valves have a short open-close time, making them suitable for emergency situations.
  • The sealing properties of globe valves are excellent.


Globe Valve maintenance
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While globe valves require comparatively lesser maintenance, there are still a few things that every engineer should make sure to inspect. When it comes to maintenance of marine globe valves, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • The gland area of the globe valve is prone to wear and tear with continual usage, so it is necessary to replace the parts to ensure optimal sealing.
  • When the valve is not operated often, the valve can be cycled temporarily.
  • If the valve is opened and closed frequently, the valve seat will be damaged – this must be taken into attention.
  • If the marine globe valve is not made of the right material, then it will be prone to corrosion.
  • Over-tightening the bolts in the gland of the globe will cause damage.


Globe valves serve a special function on ships – while ensuring that wastewater does not leak into the ship, these valves also prevent back flooding. Also, marine globe valves regulate the amount of seawater that enters a ship through a bilge system. The installation and maintenance of the valves need a close inspection – this ensures that no leakage or flooding occurs.

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