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An actuator is an electromechanical device that enables a component to move or perform a specific task. It has the ability to provide precisely controlled movement and repeat it. Therefore, it is relied on maintaining production accuracy and quality in the automation industry.

The two types of electrical actuators are linear and rotary electric actuators. Linear electric actuators are applicable in operations that involve a forward-backward movement, while circular electric actuators are used in systems that require circular motions.

What is Electric Actuated Valve

Electric actuated valve
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An Electric actuated valve is a device that is used to convert electricity into mechanical (kinetic) energy using linear or rotary motion. This electromechanical device enables controlled movement and/or positioning in the automation industry.

Electric actuators are used to automate specific and repetitive tasks. They are used in a lot of industries – construction, manufacturing, aerospace, packaging, and agriculture. Some of the day-to-day applications of actuators include automatic windshield wipers, adjustable seats, and sliding doors.

Types of Electric Actuators in Valve

Before buying electric actuators, it is important to first know the types of electrical actuators and their distinctive characteristics. This will enable suppliers to deliver the best electric actuator types that will suit their customers’ needs. Electric actuators in the valve are divided into two, and they are:

1. Linear Electric Actuators

Linear electric valve actuators
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Linear electric actuators use a globe, diaphragm, gate, angle, or pinch valves to rotate from open to close. This type of actuator is mostly used in applications that require tight tolerances.

It provides linear motion through a screw assembly or a motor-driven ball screw. The load in a linear actuator is fastened to the extreme end of an unsupported screw or rod that is gear or belt driven.

2. Rotary Electric Actuators

Rotary electric valve actuators
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This type of actuator rotates uses a ball, plug and butterfly valves to rotate from open to close. The rotational element used in rotary electric actuators can either be a table or a circular shaft. It consists of a speed reducer motor that allows for incremental rotational movement of the external shaft.

The motors in this type of actuator can be fabricated to specific frequency, power, voltage, and performance. Some of the auxiliary components in a rotary electric actuator include clutches, brakes, special seals, and anti-backlash gears.

Why Use Electric Actuators for Valve

An electric actuator is a vital component in a machine that enables it to perform specified controlled movements by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. Here are some of the common uses of electric actuators:

1. Beverage and Food Manufacturing

Electric actuators are used in food and beverage manufacturing because they are clean and quiet. They are corrosion-resistant, and carefully designed with very little or no crevices that can retain dirt or bacteria.

2. Valve Operation

Electric actuators can provide exact control and actions. Therefore, they are the top pick for processing plants that use valves to control the movement of raw materials.

3. Robotics

An electric actuator is considered one of the vital components that makes automation possible. It has the ability to provide precisely controlled movement and repeat it. Therefore, it is relied on maintaining production accuracy and quality in the automation industry.

How to Choose the Types of Electrical Actuators in the Valve

There are two types of electrical actuators in a valve. Therefore, it is important to select the right type of electrical actuator that will suit the intended application. The following list below might be helpful:

  • First, identify the size and type of valve that needs to be actuated.
  • The type of electrical actuator to be selected must be compatible with the valve’s coupling and mounting options.
  • Also, consider the control system used to operate the valve. The selected actuator must be compatible with it. This includes the communication protocol and the control signal used.
  • Finally, choose an actuator that contains the needed special features such as fail-safe options, manual override capability, and position feedback.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Types of Electric Actuators in Valve

There are numerous electric actuator types in the market. Therefore, it may be quite difficult to get the right one. Below are some important factors to consider before selecting the types of electrical actuators in the valve:

  • Load

Some load factors that should be considered before selecting an electric actuator valve are axial load capacity, support carriage moment capacity, radial load capacity, horizontal vs vertical mechanics, positioning of the load, etc. Note that demand varies depending on the usage.

  • Speed

It is essential to do some critical speed calculations to determine if an actuator will be compatible with the intended application. Also, consider voltage when calculating the exact speed demand.

  • Environment Conditions

The actuator to be used must satisfy the standard regulation guiding the environment where it will be used. Also, it must be able to withstand environmental conditions.

  • Stroke Length

The actuator should comfortably fit into the space and dimensions needed to complete the specified task. For instance, linear electric actuators are preferable in applications that require tight tolerance.

  • Durability

It is essential to go for the type that will be able to perform the intended task conveniently and can also withstand the stress and demands of the work. In other words, go for the one that will last longer and perform better.

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