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DomBor Valve

Aspiration Meets Innovation

In the rigorous environment of Oubei, Wenzhou, China, industrial pumps and valves are the region’s specialty. Two hardworking individuals, Gavin and Sea, made this region the first stop on their journey to creating their industrial valve brand. Years of working in Oubei have formed their work experience just like  simple ores are forged and refined into strong steel.

By fate, Gavin and Sea encountered each other in a local factory. While working in the factory, they came up with an idea. Valves were expensive at the time and various industries could not find a specific valve that works with their system. “We can do better. We can provide better and compatible valves that benefit any industry” the two believed.

With a burning ambition to create a valve brand that will become a household name around the world, Gavin and Sea set out to Shanghai to create DomBor.


However, they soon realized that the location in Shanghai that they had chosen for DomBor was obstructing their potential to grow DomBor into an international company. “We can do better than this place. Wenzhou will help us improve the company and allow us to be in a better position to help all of our clients with their business,” Gavin and Sea were discussing. Hard work, experience, and dedication to their clients allowed the two to create robust production factories in Wenzhou. In Wenzhou, DomBor has the advantage over its peers with cost-efficient raw materials, a strong and economical labor force, and a familiar environment. While Shanghai had us walled in and with shackles, Wenzhou gave us more freedom to create strong pumps and valves. 

Over the years, Gavin and Sea have continued to give businesses what they needed to improve their operations. “We never strayed from the promise we made years ago to create optimized, affordable, and tailor-made products. We create valves, not for the sake of profit, but the betterment of every business around the world.” Acting as a strong foundation that provides any structure with a long lifespan, our industrial pumps and valves provide the same solid support to any piping system.

Candor Fuels Collaboration

DomBor Valve values transparency among all of our employees and clients. By allowing our employees to provide their views freely, we build a work environment that encourages teamwork. Solid teamwork ensures that we deliver efficient valve solutions to you.

“To reach our goals, everyone must be working as one to move forward with a purpose.”

Bill Kuang , General Manager

exceptional team of bombor valve mannufacturing

DomBor History

Since our founding in 2001, we have achieved several milestones and achievements. Learn more about the history of DomBor Valve below.

2015 – 2016
2013 – 2014
2010 – 2011
2007 – 2009
2004 – 2006
honor wall of dombor with various certifications

DomBor obtained a series of national and international authoritative certifications such as the TS license for special equipment manufacturing, CE, API, and SIL3. These certifications allow DomBor to enter the high-end application field and international market.



a silvery valve of dombor

Qualified talents are recruited as well as the establishment of domestic, foreign trade, and R&D centers were done in 2019. DomBor is focused on R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of all-metal, hard-sealed butterfly valves and pipeline ball valves during this period. The company can achieve an annual output of 5,000 tons of valves, providing us with good economic benefits.

office building of dombor valve manufacturing

The non-regional industry company DomBor was established in Wenzhou in 2018. This factory has 20,000 square meters of workspace, high-end processing equipment & testing equipment, and an established valve test center.



a batch of  butterfly valves

With the limited production capacity in Shanghai, labor costs, and supporting factors, it was challenging to address market demands and soaring orders during this time. All of our decision-makers decided to relocate part of the factory’s equipment to Wenzhou. The Shanghai factory produces quality butterfly valves as well as be the location of our R&D and sales center.

a white valve

The first ultra-high pressure 900# all-metal hard-touch zero-leakage hard sealing butterfly valve from our factory made its first debut during this time. In the same year, we also produce our first ultra-high-pressure 1500# valve and the DN2600 (104 inches) large-diameter all-metal flange hard sealed butterfly valve.


raw materials of valve manufacturing

DomBor’s full range of products was put into production, including the butterfly valves which are widely used under various working conditions. Each of our valves has won the trust and praise of our clients’ thanks to its reliability and excellence.




Dombor's engineer drawing valve's drafting paper

The creation of our full series of hard-sealed butterfly valves was successfully developed during this time. Authoritative experts also accepted and praised our butterfly valves.






a male worker working in front of dombor's equipment

Gavin and Sea invested capital and equipment for the development of DomBor metal hard-sealed butterfly valves and inventive patents within the same year.

a series of certification logos

Strengthening the DomBor brand through market promotion as well as passing TS-related certification is our goal during this period.


factory of Dombor Valve Manufracturing

DomBor built a factory in Qingpu Industrial park to produce butterfly valves and general valves.







ISO certification

We passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification by making our production capabilities compliant with global standards.






logo of Dombor valve manufacturer

Gavin and Sea established DomBor, an industrial valve brand for a wide business range.







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