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Are you looking for some of the top-rated and reliable industrial valve manufacturers in Pakistan? You are at the right place!

We have carefully designed this blog with some of the trusted and excellent industrial valve manufacturers located in Pakistan because we understand how tiresome and monotonous it is to go through several web pages to shortlist a manufacturing company.

List Of Top-Notch Industrial Valve Manufacturers in Pakistan

Here’s the list of some of the best industrial valve manufacturers in Pakistan:

1. Rehman Engineering Works
2. SCON Valves
3. FASIN International
4. TAJ Pipe Store
5. Murtaza Corporation

Top 5 Industrial Valve Manufacturers in Pakistan

1. Rehman Engineering Works

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Year Established: 1930

Location: Rehman Plaza, Sanda Khurd, Bund Road, Lahore

Industry: Industrial Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001:2015 certification; MOODY International certification; UKAS; PNAC

Rehman Engineering Works is known to be the oldest and the largest valve manufacturer and supplier in Pakistan. They are famous for their advanced technological machinery, unique designs, and stringent quality standards.

They supply valves to many industries like the power plant, oil, sugar mills, thermal plants, chemicals, steam, water, and various others.

Products Offered:

  • Various kinds of butterfly valves; ball valves; angle valves; globe valves
  • Gate and sluice valves; check and non-return valves; strainer valves; steam trap valves
  • Safety valves; pressure reducing valves; pulp valves; blowdown valves; duplex valves
  • Diaphragm valves; plug valves; fabricated valves; air valves; foot valves; forged steel valves; fire hydrants

2. SCON Valves

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Year Established: 2000

Location: 14-A, Davis Road, Lahore

Industry: Industrial Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001:2015 Certified

SCON Valves is a leading valve manufacturer of industrial valves supplying a complete range of valves to a variety of industries and customers in Pakistan as well as exporting their products to Africa, UAE, and Europe.

They offer the most competitive rates without compromising on the quality of the products. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, they even offer a 5-year replacement warranty 

Products Offered:

  • Different types of butterfly valves like lug type butterfly valve, wafer type butterfly valve
  • Gate, globe, check valves in bronze, brass, forged steel, stainless steel, and different sizes
  • Bellow-sealed globe valve; Y-type globe valve; swing check valve; wafer check valve
  • Bronze, brass, Y-type, and basket type strainers; balancing valves; air release valves; gas service valves; flanges; stainless steel flexible joints; rubber flexible joints

3. FASIN International

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Year Established: 2009

Location: Karachi, Sindh

Industry: Industrial Products Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001:2015 certified

FASIN International is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of flow control solutions, equipment, and other industrial products. Industrial valves are one of their prime products and they offer an amazing and reliable range of valves.

Products Offered:

  • Industrial ball valves; actuated ball valve; all types of butterfly valves
  • Gate valves; globe valves; check valves; plug valves; pneumatic operator ball valves
  • Safety relief valves; air recirculating valves; air release valves; vacuum release valves
  • Valve actuators; industrial water meters; industrial water pumps; pipelines; flanges; pressure transmitters; various types of flowmeters

4. TAJ Pipe Store

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Location: 57 Brandreth Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore

Industry: Industrial Valve Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO Certified

TAJ Pipe Store is another exceptional leader in the retailing and wholesaling of all kinds of flow control solutions such as pipes, tubes, valves, fittings, and pipe accessories in Pakistan. They have contacts overseas which helps them broaden their customer base and maintain the availability of all kinds of valves at an efficient price. 

Products Offered:

  • High-performance butterfly valves; actuator butterfly valve; flanged butterfly valve and other variants
  • Actuator ball valves; stainless steel ball valves; brass ball valves; stainless steel ball valves
  • Gate valves; globe valves; non-return valves; safety relief valves
  • Steam pressure reducing valves; solenoid valves; Y-strainers

5. Murtaza Corporation

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Year Established: 1992

Location: Mehran Town, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi

Industry: Industrial Products Manufacturing

Awards and Certifications: ISO 9001:2015; PED along with other major international quality standard certifications

Murtaza Corporation is another outstanding manufacturer of valves, pipes, fittings, tubes, forged fittings, and several other industrial products. They aim to serve the customers with only the best. They have a reputation for being one of the best stainless steel and carbon steel industrial valves suppliers in Pakistan.

Products Offered:

  • All types of stainless steel and carbon steel industrial valves
  • 1 piece ball valves; 2 pieces ball valves; 3 piece ball valve
  • Gate valves; globe valves; check valves; flanged end valves
  • Needle valves; Y-strainers; butterfly valves; all kinds of tubes, pipes, fittings, flanges, and structural items

Best Industrial Valve Manufacturer in China

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With the experience of over two decades, DomBor is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial valves from China. They offer a wide range of gates, globe, butterfly, check, cryogenic, ball, check, plug, actuated, needle, pressure sealed, and other types of valves. These valves are catered to several industries like gas, petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline transport, LNG, coal chemical, refining, and many others.

Founded in 2001, DomBor is certified with authoritative certifications like TS license, SIL3, API, CE which speak for their uncompromised quality standards and reliability. They are keen on progressive R&D solutions and a skilled workforce helps them achieve a premier position in the international market.

The use of qualitative raw materials focus on minute details, a customer-oriented approach, and a low-cost strategy makes them the first choice of customers around the globe. They have regional importance as well as international recognition in the valve manufacturing industry.


In this blog, a list of the top five manufacturers of industrial valves from Pakistan had been provided. The list is followed with a brief yet informative description of every manufacturer where we have tried to include all the crucial information that might be needed by you to select a manufacturer based on your specifications and requirements. 

If you want to outsource industrial valves and that too from China, then DomBor should be on the top of your list. They are an amazing supplier of industrial valves in a wide array of materials, shapes, sizes, and types. Contact them today to become a part of one of the world’s finest service providers!