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From garden hoses to hydroelectric power plants, valves play an important role in fluid flow circuits. Although valve actuation is relatively straightforward, logistic problems can arise if valves are too large or inaccessible to be opened or closed by hand, are located at remote, inaccessible locations, or require operation during unmanned periods of the day. This problem can be solved by using a motorized ball valve.

A motorized ball valve functions exactly like a manual valve, except that it is powered by an electric motor. An operator or an automated system can use this type of valve to remotely open or close it.

Agricultural irrigation, aircraft deicing, and automated fire suppression uses can benefit from this type of valve. motorized ball valves have the same internal fluid control mechanisms as their manual counterparts; the only difference is the inputs for actuating the valve.

List of Motorized Ball Valve Manufacturers

These are the best 4 motorized ball valve manufacturers.

  1. Bürkert
  2. iPolymer
  3. Mogas
  4. Kerotest

Leading Motorized Ball Valve Manufacturers

  1. Bürkert
Burkert logo

Source- Bürkert

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Huntersville, NC, USA

Year Established- 1946

The company was founded in 1946 by Christian Bürkert in Germany, which started out developing and manufacturing innovations such as incubator controls, oven controls, and foot warmers. Over time, the company specialized in valve technology and eventually became a leading manufacturer of industrial motorized ball valves.

Their efforts have enabled the organization to become more flexible and customer-oriented. Since they are a medium-sized business, they are accustomed to this kind of closeness. With its global network of companies and continuous optimization of its processes in all segments, Bürkert is able to exchange expertise directly and develop joint solutions more quickly and effectively.

Further, their fascination with their industry encourages them to look for creative solutions to unconventional problems, as well as to expand beyond the limits of particular market segments. Segmentation of markets is one of many examples of how Bürkert diverges from established standards. They can offer maximum client benefits through solution-based strategies, such as application-oriented systems, while at the same time keeping their eye on their product-based offerings.

Products and services

  • motorized ball valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Process and control valves
  • Microfluidic valves and pumps
  • Electromotive valves
  1. iPolymer
iPolymer logo

Source- iPolymer

Type of Business: Valve Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Irvine, California

Year Established- 1961

Certifications- ISO 9001:2008

BECO Manufacturing and TEQCOM Industries have been acquired by International Polymer Solutions, a company that provides fluid handling solutions using engineered polymer materials worldwide. TEQCOM and BECO have a combined 60-year history of offering engineered polymer solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Their manufacturing process is based on polymers and combined with design and know-how, they consistently produce high-quality products. 

Products and services provided by iPolymer have consistently met or exceeded customers’ expectations. Every employee is expected to do their job right the first time and every time through programs that actively pursue ever-improving quality. iPolymer constantly monitors the conformity of its products and services to industry standards.

Products and services

  • motorized ball valves
  • PTFE fittings & connectors
  • PTFE spray guns & devices
  • solenoid valves
  • pneumatic valves
  • manual valves
  • other flow devices
  • air cylinders
  • custom fluid handling fabrication
  1. Mogas
Mogas logo

Source- Mogas

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Houston, Texas

Year Established- 1973

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

This company engineers valve solutions exclusively for severe applications based on over four decades of field and manufacturing experience. MOGAS consists of innovative engineers, manufacturing personnel, industry experts with years of experience, and a support team. In addition to ensuring process integrity, uptime reliability, and employee safety, their application-specific designs deliver the lowest cost of ownership. MOGAS valves have proven themselves in the harshest environments, so you can rely on them.

A commitment to quality permeates the entire organization and is deeply ingrained in the company culture. They are able to guarantee performance because of the proven MOGAS process and its benefits. Years of continuous valve performance analysis, field reports, and data from all around the world are essential to guaranteeing the performance period.

Products and services

  • Customizable Isolation Valves
  • motorized ball valves
  • Oxygen Service Valves
  • Trunnion Valves
  • Low-Pressure Isolation Valves
  • General Service Valves
  • Power Operated Relief Valves
  • Vent and Drain Valves
  • Inline Repairable Valves
  • Custom-engineered Solutions
  • Switching Valve
  • Control Valve Technology
  • MOGAS Pneumatic Actuators
  1. Kerotest
Kerotest logo

Source- Kerotest

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Year Established- 1909

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

We believe that Kerotest valves are among the best available on the market. ESOP companies don’t simply talk about quality, but they deliver it. Because everyone at the company is empowered to provide the highest quality service, the best value, and the best product.

As an international supplier of valves and related equipment for the oil & gas, nuclear fuel, and municipal water markets, Kerotest Manufacturing Corp. has built a reputation for quality and efficiency. Their headquarters, engineering, manufacturing, and customer service operations remain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they were founded in 1909. The company opened a manufacturing facility in Mansura, Louisiana in 1989 for producing Kerotest polyethylene ball valves and instrumentation valves. Having a manufacturing facility at that location makes it easy for them to serve customers across the country.

Products and services

  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Ball valves
  • Needle valves
  • Gauge valves
  • Insulators
  • motorized ball valves

Best motorized ball valve manufacturer in China


DomBor Valves Logo

Source- Dombor

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Zhejiang, China

Year Established- 1991

Certifications- ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, CE, NORSOK M-650

The Valve Division at DomBor places a high priority on quality since they know how critical product quality is to the success of a brand.

Dombor always commits financial and human resources to provide valves that exceed global certification requirements through its commitment to quality.

Their quality team sets high standards to meet and exceed the quality requirements of the international market. Due to their clear and consistent parameters, the valve manufacturing team produces consistent and satisfactory products.

Products and services