Why Choose DomBor Valve

With the focus on strong valve design and technological development, DomBor Valve manages and delivers thorough production, quality data analysis, and fast sales service.

  • icon of professional service

    Professional Service

    Providing constant feedback over our production cycle, our team also handles on-site technical training and support for timely transactions.

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  • icon of production strength

    Production Strength

    With a factory employing 5 production lines and numerous machines, we easily produce up to 8,000 tons of valves annually.

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  • icon of strict quality control

    Strict Quality Control

    Together with third-party inspection teams, we use advanced testing equipment in our certified laboratory to test every valve before delivery.

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  • icon of r&d capabilities

    R&D Capabilities

    With over 15 years of experience, our team continues to manufacture the latest valve solutions based on market trends and industry challenges

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  • icon of experience

    20 Years of Experience

    Since 2001, we have been running a modern R&D platform and an efficient production system acquiring patents and continually innovating our valves for efficient global resource deliveries.

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